Broth Noodle Bar: Try Affordable, Guilt-Free Modern Chinese-Style Ramen In Bukit Ho Swee

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Occupying the space that used to house Sin Lee foods, is Broth Noodle Bar. A diner concept that focuses on wholesome, lovingly handmade food in Bukit Ho Swee.

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It may be slightly difficult to find the shop as it’s a distance from the nearest MRT station, but if you navigate the residential neighbourhood looking for the Sin Lee Foods sign, you should be set.

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Indoor and outdoor seating are both available at the restaurant, so you’ll get to decide on whether you want to feel the breeze as you eat or want to stay sheltered from the elements in the cosy indoor setting.

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The noodles served at Broth Noodle Bar may seem deceptively like Japanese ramen, but they lean more towards a modern take on Chinese La Mian.

Broth Noodle Bar prides themselves on using nutritious homemade broth, which leaves out MSG and other additives.

When you order their beef noodles, you get to choose which beef parts go into your noodles: tripe, shin, and tendon. If you can’t decide, just get all three. Another customisation you can make is the type of broth you get with your noodles namely the Clear Beef Broth and the Braised Beef Broth.


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We opted for the Braised Beef Broth Noodles (Triple Gem: $12.80, Double Gem: $10.80, Single Shot: $9.80), which is a slightly spicy, thick soup base, which is really reminiscent of the Hong Shao Niu Rou Mian popular in Taiwan. The beef shin slices were super tender, with a good amount of tendon running through the meat.

If you’re not one who likes spicy food, opt for the clear beef broth. This slightly herbal soup has a flavour that’ll warm you up from the inside, a little like having Bak Kut Teh.

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Something more similar to the Japanese-style ramen is the Charsiu Ramen ($9.80), which comes with a generous portion of sliced Char Siu. Every piece of meat is melt in the mouth tender, and has a texture which complements the soft noodles.

Like both beef broths, the pork broth used in the Charsiu Ramen is boiled daily, for over eight hours. This means you’ll get all the wholesome, porky goodness in the thick broth.

Other than the noodles, the bites at Broth Noodle Bar are also worth talking about. All of them are made in-house, following the chef’s closely guarded family recipes.

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To all the adventurous eaters, we think you’ll really love the Fried Beef Tripe with Spiced Powder (4.80), because we sure did. The chef told us this is Broth Noodle Bar’s alternative to the classic fries and we were immediately sold.

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These bite-sized pieces of tripe were best eaten hot, with a little mayonnaise to cut the spice. While this isn’t insanely spicy, the Sichuan peppers used in the seasoning will definitely make your mouth tingle.

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If fried tripe sounds too intimidating to you, try the other sides as they are just as impressive. The Fried Wontons with Mayonaise ($4.80) comes with three huge wontons per portion.

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These Fried Wontons are stuffed with a pork and shrimp mixture which was flavourful, juicy, and well seasoned. The crunch of the wrapper followed by the burst of flavour from the filling makes the money spent on these dumplings well worth it.

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The Chilled Drunken Chicken Roulade ($5.80) is great for people who aren’t too familiar with the alcoholic kick drunken chicken brings, as this version goes easy on the booze.

That’s not to say that this appetiser doesn’t live up to its name; it does. It’s also a great dish to have on the side, as the cold chicken will give you a break from the hot noodles.

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One dish that you may find comfort in is the Mama’s Ngoh Hiong ($4.80), which has a taste and texture that’s reminiscent of homecooked food.

The Ngoh Hiong has a crispy skin, and crispy water chestnut pieces embedded in the fragrant meat. When dipped into the thick sweet sauce, it becomes almost irresistible.

You can tell that everything is lovingly handmade at Broth Noodle Bar, which makes this dining experience so much more intimate.

The prices are also unbelievably affordable for the effort and time put into assembling every dish, so I say, why not? Head on down to Broth Noodle Bar to get your guilt-free ramen fix.

Expected Damage: $9.80 – $12.80 per pax

Broth Noodle Bar: #01-164 Block 4 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee, Singapore 162004 | Opening Hours: 11am – 9.30pm (Tues – Sun), Closed on Mon | Facebook

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