A CBD addition: Brotherbird Bakehouse to open their third outlet in Nov 2022, new menu flavours include Blueberry Crumble

If you remember, Brotherbird Bakehouse released a pop-up station selling their famous croissants at CIMB plaza just earlier this year in June. They worked hard to turn my dreams into reality when they announced that they’ll be permanently nested in the CBD, at CIMB Plaza in November 2022.

Brotherbird Bakehouse - satellite view

Finally in the business district, those who have been office-bound and in prolonged competition with Brotherbird fans will no longer be at a compromise. Snagging these babies shouldn’t be a worry now!

Coming in in less than a month’s time, the bakery promises 14 different retail flavours on a daily, from Monday to Friday.

Their newest addition to November’s launch: Blueberry Crumble Croissant. Going at S$6, Brotherbird has done it again in creating a flaky fruity goodness. Enveloped in skillfully buttered pastry, sits the cohesion of blueberry compote and almond cream. The exterior is drizzled with chunks of almond cookie— comparable to a blueberry crumble pie.

Brotherbird Bakehouse - Blueberry Crumble Croissant
Credit – Brotherbird Bakehouse

As an avid fan, Brotherbird Bakehouse has listened to the crowd and included fan-favourites in their upcoming menu.

Brotherbird Bakehouse - Rocher Crossaint
Credit – Brotherbird Bakehouse

Since day 1, the Rocher Croissant (S$5) has been a constant on the menu. For chocolate lovers, the dark chocolate coated croissant has a luxurious filling of praline that overflows once you cut through it. Super chocolatey, it’s perfect for those who love to indulge. I look forward to having this on the sweet menu, alongside other sweets like Passionfruit Meringue Croissant (S$5), Earl Grey Croissant (S$6), Twice-baked Pistachio Croissant (S$6.50). All available at CIMB Plaza. 

For those that prefer the savoury option, some items included would be the popular Mentaiko Prawn Twice-baked Croissant (S$6.50), and the classic Ham and Cheese Twice-baked Croissant (S$6).

Sadly, their Signature Mochi Donut (S$15) served with seasonal soft serve would not be available in this outlet. Not to worry, we can always go back to their other outlet located in Bali Lane.

If we are on the topic of guilty pleasures, I remember how my roommate and I finished a box of six croissants from Brotherbird Bakehouse in one sitting. I am not kidding. Their new outlet and November menu is evidently trying to butter us up.

For more updates, look out for more information on their Instagram page. Also, to all the westies out there, I heard that they’re in the midst of creating another outlet in the West! So, get excited!

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Brotherbird Bakehouse

30 Raffles Place, CIMB Plaza, Singapore 048622

Brotherbird Bakehouse

30 Raffles Place, CIMB Plaza, Singapore 048622