Buay Pochana: 20-year-old stall sells THB60 Chinese-style duck noodles

Ah Bangkok, the home of busy streets, incredible street food, and fun nightlife. But with so many food choices, it’s hard to pick a place to eat at. Well, my dear readers, I have a hidden gem for you. Just a mere 15-minute walk away from Thonglor BTS station lies Buay Pochana.

Buay Pochana - Store front

Well, it’s not very hidden as it’s located just off the main road, but it’s often left unnoticed by many. Just look out for a red signboard next to a pizza parlour and you’re at the right place. This small shop has been operating since 2003 and specialises in Chinese-style braised duck.

Buay Pochana - Vibes

Buay Pochana - Vibes 2

Now, this has been my go-to spot since my childhood and let me tell you one thing, the layout and vibes of Buay Pochana has remained the same for the past 2 decades. There’s always an auntie prepping the food on the left side of the shop, the seating area on the right, another auntie at the payment counter, and the menu perched on the wall.

What I tried at Buay Pochana

When I said this shop specialises in braised duck, I meant it. There was only one thing on the menu— duck. Whether it’s duck meat, duck intestines, or duck noodles, you’ll be enjoying some form of duck at this eatery.

Buay Pochana - What I tried

I didn’t even have to look at the menu. I ordered a large bowl of Duck Noodles (THB80), a small plate of Duck Meat in Chinese Gravy (TBH200), and a plate of rice (THB20).

Buay Pochana - Duck Meat in Chinese Gravy

I was not aware of how hungry I was until the plate of Duck Meat arrived. The thinly-sliced duck was served on top of Hong Kong kailan, slathered in the Chinese Gravy and garnished with coriander. Without hesitation, I took a bite.

Buay Pochana - Chinese Gravy

It was an explosion of flavours in my mouth. The duck meat was melt-in-your-mouth tender, complete with the fat and skin for added flavour. It was very umami-rich from the Chinese gravy and the duck meat gave the overall flavour profile an added sweetness. I could eat this all day!

Buay Pochana - Duck meat

I continued devouring my plate of duck meat and rice despite the arrival of my noodles. I just kept reaching for more slices of duck meat. The thin bite-sized pieces kept vanishing from the plate (and into my stomach), like a magic trick.

Buay Pochana - Duck noodles

After cleaning off the plate of Duck Meat, I turned my attention to my bowl of Duck Noodles. Lisa, aren’t you full? No. There’s always room for more duck, according to me.

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Buay Pochana - Egg noodles

There were 6 noodles to choose from: egg noodles, rice vermicelli (bihun), rice stick noodles, wide rice noodles, Moroheiya noodles, and Shanghai noodles. I opted for my usual… egg noodles.

The bowl of duck noodles consisted of my preferred egg noodles, duck meat slices, a boatload of taugeh, green onions and of course, the broth. While still hot, I had a go at the broth.

Buay Pochana - Duck noodle broth

There’s only one word that aptly describes it— divine. It checks all the boxes: savoury, sweet, salty, rich. And here’s the kicker— the broth’s flavour has remained unchanged since my last visit in 2019 and all the years preceding that. Now, that’s what I call consistency!

The egg noodles were different from the ones back in Malaysia.— they were thinner and lighter. The springiness was definitely present, and the noodles absorbed all the rich flavours of the broth.

Buay Pochana - Duck slices

The sliced duck meat that came with the noodles differed from the Duck Meat I ordered earlier. I would think that the duck meat for the noodles were simmered alongside the noodle broth for added flavour. Yet again, some secrets are best left unknown. I just enjoyed my bowl of noodles.

Buay Pochana - Done

Within minutes I cleaned both my plate of duck meat and bowl of noodles. Well, except for the vegetables (sorry, Mum). Here’s a tip: soak some duck meat from the noodles in the leftover Chinese gravy. Yes, thank me later. 

Final thoughts

I find it astonishing that Buay Pochana isn’t widely recognised by many. But I suppose it’s a blessing as I don’t have to queue to have this hearty meal. Maybe in the future I’ll have the guts to try a plate of duck intestines or tongue, but for now I’ll stick with my noodles and duck meat.

Expected damage: THB90 – THB250 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 5 / 5

Buay Pochana

Soi 55, Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Tan Nua, Watthana, Bangkok, Thailand 10110

Our Rating 5/5

Buay Pochana

Soi 55, Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Tan Nua, Watthana, Bangkok, Thailand 10110

Telephone: +6602 392 7320
Operating Hours: 9am - 5pm (Daily)
Telephone: +6602 392 7320

Operating Hours: 9am - 5pm (Daily)