Butcher’s Block: Satisfy Your Palate With Some Of The Finest Meats At Raffles Arcade

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I wouldn’t assume one to know about Butcher’s Block at first mention, given its secluded location on the second floor of the recently-overhauled Raffles Hotel. But its not-so-public location is also a charming quality, given that once I stepped into the opulent restaurant, I felt like I’d just been invited to a members-only hideout.

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All the seats were plush, the tables sturdy and robust, with a prominent, three-metre-long oak table sitting in the centre of the dining area. It serves more than just to impress—every Friday and Saturday, a glass of bubbly welcomes guests who’ve booked this grand table, at 7pm, before an exclusive, communal dining experience is unveiled at 7.30pm. A finely-curated menu is then personally brought to your table by Chef Rémy Lefebvre and his culinary team, making this a sought-after dining experience well worth the extra dough.

Better yet, the open kitchen faces guests, instantly putting the chefs’ culinary skills on display, but also creating a sense of honesty and humility, simply by choosing to not have the kitchen hidden from diners.

Butcher's Block

Build up to a hearty meal by starting with Cecina De Leon (S$25 for Small, S$38 for Large), a portion of 12-month cured beef, served with Cristal bread. Best eaten with the peppers that are splayed out for consumption, the cured beef was notably salty, and tasted even punchier when enjoyed with the peppers.

The Cristal bread was crusty and tougher than its looks seemed to suggest. However, I still enjoyed how chewy it was in contrast with the lean sheets of cured beef.

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I typically enjoy raw beef carpaccio-style—thinly sliced till almost translucent. However, the Beef Tartare (S$58, +S$40 for additional caviar) was an appetiser not to be missed, given its use of Angus beef fillet. The inflated price point may not sit well with some, but for the silky quality of the beef, it’s easy to taste why this dish costs a pretty penny.

The raw onions worked as a great pick-me-up scattered throughout the raw beef mix, and it was satisfyingly less chewy than other beef tartare I’ve had before.

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Their Hand-Dived Norwegian Scallop (S$55) was a porcelain bowl holding delicate pucks of fresh scallops, wading in a pepper sauce. The sauce was lovely; creamy without being too heavy, and held just the right amount of heat to leave a lasting tingle on my tongue. The scallops were so impeccably succulent and sweet that I had to restrain myself and cut civilised bites (as opposed to shoving it whole into my mouth).

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What a great excuse to consume more carbs, when it comes to the Lebanese Pizza (S$35) from Butcher’s Block. It comes loaded with organic lamb, pomegranate molasses, and herbs. Instantly, the fragrance of herbs and rich lamb hit my nose first when the dish arrived at the table.

The mild chewiness of the bread was a welcome texture, as the juicy lamb fulfilled its savoury expectation. Spritz the wedge of lemon for a touch of acid that really brightened up the profile of the dish, or just in case you’re sceptical of its “heaviness”.

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The stars of the evening from Butcher’s Block finally made their appearance—WX Rangers Valley MBS 7+ “Côte de Bœuf” Ribeye Bone-in 1.2KG and Black Market Angus MBS 5 “Club Steak” Bone-in Sirloin 450G. The prices of each cut are dependent on the grade of meat, as well as weight. For each grade of meat, there are several cuts available every night.

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I tend to lean towards ordering a sirloin or tenderloin when eating steak, so I assume this was why I was naturally biased towards the Black Market Angus Sirloin cut. There was ample fat to provide a resistant chew, but balanced sufficiently with tender, luscious red meat.

This isn’t to say the WX Rangers Valley Ribeye was sub-par; it was still really juicy, but a touch of toughness made it my personal second choice of the two. However, I do believe steak is a very personal choice—although anyone who requests their meat to be well-done shouldn’t be allowed to eat steak, in my opinion.

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If you had to order a side to complement your steak, the Carrots On Coal (S$12) are an absolute delight! Served with tahini dressing and za’atar oil, these smoky, orange bites brought along an element of sweetness to the earthy beef.

If you’re serious about your meats, or you’re looking for a place with dishes that are heavier on the palate and are ideal for sharing, I insist you bring your friends here to Butcher’s Block for a feast!

Sure, your pockets will be feeling much lighter once you’ve left Butcher’s Block, but the unparalleled quality of the food—and I must add, impeccable service—is worth every dollar.

Expected Damage: S$80 – S$150 per pax

Price: $ $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Butcher's Block

328 North Bridge Road, Raffles Arcade, #02-02 to #02-07, Singapore 188719

Our Rating 4/5

Butcher's Block

328 North Bridge Road, Raffles Arcade, #02-02 to #02-07, Singapore 188719

Telephone: +65 6337 1886
Operating Hours: 6pm - 10pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6337 1886

Operating Hours: 6pm - 10pm (Daily)
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