Candour Coffee: A Taste Of Specialty Coffee & Melbourne’s Cafe Culture

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Candour Coffee is another stitch in Singapore’s (stale, over-whipped, overwhelming) cafe scene. Whatever your sentiments on the local cafe scene, and no they need not be as cynical as mine, because there are a few gems waiting to be discovered; Candour Coffee is one such gem. Note that Candour coffee has since moved to Duxton from Beach Road.

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Adding a dash of Melbourne’s speciality coffee scene to our very own — besides the caffeinated practical benefits of consuming coffee, we’ve come a long way from knocking back cups of this bean juice to get us through the day (and night).

Now, we sit and give every brew a some extra thought, from the various flavour profiles to the harvest and story behind the brew. Coffee and the food we have it with has come a long way indeed.

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Opened by friends Jet Goh and Ong Shi Chun the duo bring a taste of Melbourne, the capital of cafes, to Singapore. Sourcing beans from roasters like Dukes Coffee Roasters, Market Lane Coffee and tea from Man Cha, you know the beverage menu is in a good place.

Specialty Coffee

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After a chat with the folks at Candour Coffee, they helped me select the Burundi Kibingo ($8) from Square Mile Roasters on their hand-brewed coffee menu. Perfectly brewed with the Hario V60, the coffee wasn’t scalding hot, allowing me to enjoy the light, balanced and fruity brew.

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Or have the sea salt caramel latte ($6) if you’re not one who particularly enjoys black coffee. The lattes and flavoured coffees here are (thankfully) not ridiculously sweet like the sort we’re all too familiar with from some other “coffee houses”. Just a touch of sweetness to go along with this well made latte.

Good Hearty Food Without Breaking The Bank

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But what of the food? If anything, Candour Coffee deserves an award for not having a single dish doused in salted egg yolk sauce. Instead of having a menu chock full of trend chasing dishes, we have hearty ones packed full of flavour and goodness.

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Bacon-wrapped chicken burger ($13.90) is one of the most thoughtfully put together, and not to mention, satisfying burgers I’ve ever had. And I couldn’t help but feel the price made it taste even better.

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A juicy, tender boneless chicken thigh wrapped in a bacon weave sandwiched between buttery ad fluffy brioche buns. There’s nothing dry about this burger and the house-made barbecue sauce adds a sweet and slightly tangy dimension to it.

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Keeping on the tender train, there’s duck & waffle ($18.90), another dish the folks at Candour Coffee execute extremely well. If you aren’t familiar with the term fall-off-the-bone tender, this is it. The duck leg is crisp on the outside, but with flesh so tender you could easily pull it off the bone with a fork.

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Accompanying the dish is orange-infused maple syrup. Think of this as a modern brunch-inspired twist on the classic French duck confit with orange sauce. Drizzled over both the fluffy buttermilk waffle and duck leg, the sweet orange-infused maple syrup brings the two elements together with a mild notes of citrus.

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If you’re in need of dessert, Candour Coffee has an assortment of cakes and tarts. But, for something a little more novel, give the mini latte tarts (set of 4 $10) a try. Mini waffle cups with a shot of hot chocolate or latte, it’s your choice. However we preferred the latte because the chocolate in our opinion, wasn’t chocolatey enough.

We would have tried other dishes on the menu like the slow-cooked pulled pork burger ($13.90) and bagel with raspberry & bacon compote ($8.50), if not for our limited stomach capacity.

At Candour Coffee you’ll find a space to take in the city without actually jumping into hustle and bustle of it. Perhaps Ong and Goh have managed to carve a piece of Melbourne’s culture and transplant it in our busy city.

Expected damage: $10-$25

Candour Coffee is on the The Entertainer App, which offers 1-for-1 main courses when you dine at Candour Coffee as well as many other restaurants in Singapore!

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Candour Coffee

72 Duxton Road, Singapore 089531

Our Rating 4/5

Candour Coffee

72 Duxton Road, Singapore 089531

Telephone: 9457 0070
Operating Hours: 8am - 9pm (Daily)
Telephone: 9457 0070

Operating Hours: 8am - 9pm (Daily)