Caprilicious Brings Us On a Lobster Dinner Adventure in Singapore

Boston Lobster Dinner Adventure.

caprilicious restaurant capri by fraser

Eastern and Western cooking styles infiltrate the menu at Caprilicious, with a variety of ingredients and cooking methods available here.

Housed in hotel residence Capri by Fraser all the way in Changi, the modern furnishings and clean theme suggests a casual dining place great for social gatherings. On my visit it never got overly packed, noisy or hectic -which is fine, because debating which lobster dishes to order may take some time.

The Caprilicious Boston Lobster Dinner Adventure ($50++) is essentially a specially curated 4-course set dinner on top of their usual dinner buffet spread. Diners get a welcome drink, an appetiser, 2 lobster main dishes (from a menu that changes every week) and a dessert to end the meal on a sugar high.

Here, I feature 5 out of the many lobster selections that you may get to choose from.

Boston Lobster Dinner Adventure carpaccio caprilicious

The Lobster Carpaccio served with Pink Grapefruits and flavoured with Champagne Vinaigrette is a remarkably simple appetiser but the excellent ingredients used here elevate it to a thing of luxury.

The paper-thin slices of raw lobster meat are jewel-pieces. They are littered with an array of garnishes that have a distinct refreshing flavour that made a great start to this meal. It was a remarkable opening and I could only wait in anticipation to what’s to follow.

caprilicious lobster roll Boston Lobster Dinner Adventure

Spotlights have been cast recently on Boston, the unofficial capital city of New England – a place where visitors seek great lobster rolls. Caprilicious’s very own version of Boston Lobster and Crabmeat served with Toasted Focaccia and Greens give the other lobster rolls out there a run for their money.

The chef here has assembled theirs quite wonderfully – impeccably cooked lobster and crabmeat with spot-on seasoning and a great meat-to-bun ratio to boot. It is a messy affair to eat, but a delicious one.

capri thermidor Boston Lobster Dinner Adventure

The Boston Lobster Thermidor with Mashed Potato and Vegetable Fricassee arrived with a smokey aroma. The chef had skilfully removed the meat from the tail and head portions of the lobster while keeping the shell intact and the large half shell makes an impressive presentation when stuffed.

The moist white flesh of the lobster struck me the most,upon my first bite, as it was of  a deliciously charred tone. Accompaniment of the cream sauce added a symphony of flavours in my mouth while the mashed potato and vegetable fricassee provided a nice balance to an otherwise taste-heavy dish.

Boston Lobster Dinner Adventure lobster kebab caprilicious

The Boston Lobster Kebabs Harissa served with Roasted Vegetables and Potato Skewer is inspired by the flavours of Middle Eastern. With ingredients from the east and west, the chef melds them together in a uniquely delicious way. The roasted vegetables and potato added a textural element.

The harissa paste is a Tunisian hot chili pepper blend of garlic, olive oil and spices like cumin and coriander. It adds not only heat but also an immensely rich and savoury depth. If you love spicy food, this lobster dish option packs quite a punch. A little goes a long way.

Caprilicious lobster dinner adventure lobster bakar

The Lobster Bakar served with Fragrant Rice, Wingbean, Cincalok and Homemade Sambal is the best example of what can be described as Asian fusion where the kitchen prepared it with much confidence and incredible skills. The lobster bakar strays about as far from the classic as you can get while soaking up the best flavour grilling can offer. The flavours take a bold but delicious turn towards our local tze char familiarity with cincalok and sambal.

Boston Lobster Dinner Adventure sashimi caprilicious

The Boston Lobster Sashimi accentuated with Congee Noodle and Shredded Crabmeat, Quail egg is a dish that I have not stopped thinking about since this meal. The congee had been cooked just short of the mush stage thus the rice grains suspended in the porridge have just a nice hint of chew.

The lobster sashimi as well couldn’t have been any fresher – it had a subtle, briny-sweet savoury depth that I can’t adequately and succinctly describe. I can only assume that some excellent seafood stock had been the magic cooking potion because the congee is of a rich sweetness even on its own. Of course, the plump lobster enhances the entire flavour of this dish. It is a hearty, soothing dish that I can eat anytime.

Boston Lobster Dinner Adventure avocado gula melaka

Avocado Gelato with Gula Melaka and Biscotti is a perfect balance of 2 phenomenal ingredients. Avocado tastes ridiculously awesome with a hint of sugar powerhouse, Gula Melaka.

Subtle avocado flavour forms the base of the gelato and the concoction is dressed in a generous ratio of gula melaka. This dessert, styled with a skillfully ripped and perfectly cooked lobster claw, is sure to keep kids and adults happy. This simplicity works in their favour, letting the individual ingredients shine through.

This promotion is on-going now till November 2015 every Saturday and Sunday evenings from 6pm to 10pm. Diners may also indulge in an optional add on of Lobster Cocktails for $16++ per glass.

Expected Damage: $50++ per adult and S$27++ per child

Caprilicious: 3 Changi Business Park Central 1, Capri by Fraser, Singapore 486037 | Tel: 6933 9833 | Website

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