Casa Tartufo: Italian Restaurant In Chinatown Serves Everything With Truffles On Its Menu

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What’s not to love about truffles? Here at Casa Tartufo, savour fresh black winter truffles which are integrated into their Italian, truffle-centric menu.

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The restaurant is style with a chic, semi-formal setting that is perfect for chilling with your friends over good food and wine. It also has private rooms for a more intimate gathering with friends and family.

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Casa Tartufo also offers quaint two-seater tables, perfect for bringing your significant other out on a date. With the soft glow of the candle lights against the dim restaurant in the evening, it will feel like both of you are on a romantic getaway.

Once we’re done with admiring the interior, we couldn’t wait for the dishes to be served.

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To taste the truffle in it’s most natural state, opt for the Carpaccio ($28). Served with thin slices of raw beef, mushroom cream and truffles on top, this dish packs a punch of flavour.

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To enjoy the dish, we were recommended to gather all the different components on a single forkful before taking a bite. The fresh black truffles perfumed the dish, while the mushroom cream made it all the more rich and wholesome.

Don’t even get us started on the beef, it was tender and melted in our mouths. There was no overwhelming taste of the raw meat, but instead a gentle umami flavour that mingled well with the others. If you’re an ardent fan of both beef and truffles, try this dish and be absolutely blown away.

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If you’re looking to pair your truffles with something from the sea, try the Capesante ($28) which is fried scallops with parmesan, truffle fondue and caviar. The saltiness of the caviar and parmesan seasons the dish nicely without overpowering it, allowing the natural sweetness of the scallop to shine through.

The truffle fondue was thick and coated each bite of the scallop well. We really appreciated the black truffle shaving sitted atop the scallops, which gave the dish a greater truffle aroma and taste.


Moving on to the more substantial mains, we were excited just from looking as the Tajarin ($39) when it was served on our table. Made with their homemade signature thin egg-noodles, adorned in black truffle shavings, and accompanied with a full-flavoured sauce, we couldn’t wait to dig in!

The pasta was cooked al dente with a slight bite. As we slurped it up, the sauce — a manifestation of pure truffle bliss, coated our mouths. The pasta was the perfect medium and soaked up the sauce beautifully. Just from our first few mouthfuls, we could see why it is crowned as the restaurant’s signature dish.

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To rest your palate from heavy truffle flavour, order the Maiale ($40) that consists of pieces of roasted iberico pork collar. The protein is accompanied by potatoes, carrots and a tangy-sweet cherry sauce.

The roasted pork collar tasted like an upscale version of our local sio-bak (roasted pork belly), which we really enjoyed. Each piece was tender and not overwhelming as the cherry sauce cut through the fattiness of the pork. One thing we didn’t particularly enjoy were the raw carrot sticks, which could have been blanched or roasted as a more cohesive side.

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It’s time for dessert, and just as you thought we’re done with truffles, be greeted by the Truffle Gelato ($8.50/scoop). When the folks here at Casa Tartufo say something is ‘truffle flavoured’, they mean it. This ice cream was unlike anything we’ve ever tried, but it adds up to the interesting dining experience.

The strong truffle flavour was accompanied by sweet and milky undertones from the ice cream. Savoury truffle bits were garnished on top, which added a balance of flavour. (Just a tip from us, don’t eat the truffle bits on it’s own, it’s a tad too salty).

This is one of those dishes you either love or hate — we had a fairly mixed reaction at the table, but hey, you’ll never know till you try it yeah?

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To end off the meal with a refreshing and light dessert, we opted for the Crostata ($15). A homemade lemon tart made from lemons grown in-house paired with a vanilla ice cream, the tanginess of the lemon paired well with the sweet and rich ice cream. As a whole, a fairly tasty dessert to reset the palate.

Are you salivating at the truffle dishes already? Enjoy a premium meal with friends and family at Casa Tartufo. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there, awakening our taste buds with the extensive, truffle-based menu.

Expected Damage: $50 – $80/pax

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Casa Tartufo: 33 Erskine Rd, Singapore 069333 | Opening Hours: (Daily) 12pm – 2.30pm, 6pm – 10pm (Fri & Sat till 11pm) | Tel: 6836 4647 | Website | Facebook