We Went On An All-Day Changi Airport Food Trail So You Can Do The Same With Your Family This Weekend

Changi Airport, other than being a hub to explore countries around the world, is also a food destination that is laced with scrumptious dining options to suit the taste buds of all generations.

The airport has always been a choice place for my family to have occasional gatherings on Sundays, so it’s about time we did a food guide to sieve out all the best restaurants to dine at.

The team went on an epic all-day food trail across Changi Airport’s Terminals 1 to 3, so you can do the same with your family this weekend too!

1. Saboten, T1

We started the food trail with a hearty breakfast at Saboten. Situated at T1 Departure Hall, the Japanese restaurant has a modest two-page breakfast menu catered to those who are catching an early flight.

We slurped up the Chicken Tamagotoji Udon ($13), savoring every bit of the soup which was light and flavored with the natural sweetness from the onions and chicken.

If you’ve always enjoyed a bowl of piping hot noodle to start the morning, here’s where you’ll find it.

While having rice in the morning may seem a little too filling for some of us, the Grilled Salmon with Rice ($16) however, was light and easy on the palate.

The salmon had a crispy outer and flaked apart to reveal a moist meat, which was thoroughly enjoyed with a drizzle of the sauce and lemon juice. Enjoy every spoonful with a scoop of rice, a dab of radish and salmon — ahh, a simple breakfast done right.

Packed between two thin and crisp toasted bread, the Tenderloin Katsu Sandwich & Chicken ($12) was accompanied by cheese and a generous layer of greens.

At first bite, we were wowed at how the ingredients provided a refreshing crunch. It was then followed by a juicy burst from the meat and sauce, which became a glorious mess when devouring it.

Saboten: #031-004 Departure Check-in Hall Level 3, Changi Airport Terminal 1 | Tel: 6214 9504 | Opening Hours: 8am – 10:30pm (daily) | Facebook

2. Swensen’s, T2 (Halal)

Soon it was brunch at Swensen’s, and thankfully we’ve burnt off breakfast while travelling to T2 Arrival Meeting Hall via the skytrain.

The BBQ Chicken ($15.20) was part of the SG50 menu, which was brought back by popular demand. Unlike any other BBQ chicken chop we’ve had, this was doused in a special guava BBQ sauce, which was sweet-smelling from the moment it was served.

The BBQ sauce was infused with the sweetness of the fruit, and it was tangy at the same time to cut through the charred flavour of the chicken.

We found that the guava sauce was evidently stronger when paired with the mash potato; remember to leave some mash potato towards the end of the meal to mop up the remaining sauce.

If you’re heading there with kiddo, there’s an Explorer Kid’s Meal priced at $9.90++. Each meal consists of the following:
–  Choice of Main Course
–  Choice of Soft Drink / Iced MILO / Apple Juice / Orange Juice
–  Exclusive 3D Hot Air Balloon Holder

Swensen’s: Terminal 2, Arrival Meeting Hall | Tel: 6542 8219 | Opening Hours: 24 hours | Website

3. Nandos, T2 (Halal)

I have a weakness for chicken, grilled chicken for that matter, and I was glad we popped by Nandos as part of the trail for lunch.

We headed to level three of T2, where the feasting has only just begun…

Shared between three to four pax, the Full Platter ($44.90) comes with a whole chicken, two large or four regular sides, or choice of two fino sides.

We went with four regular sides, including Char-grilled veg, Corn-on-the-cobPERi-PERi Wedges and Mediterranean Rice. You’ll get to opt for the level of spiciness, and we went with the Hot Sauce, which wasn’t overwhelmingly spicy.

The chicken was charred till a perfect smokiness, and the meat was tender and juicy from luxuriating in a secret marinade for 24 hours — definitely a dish to order during gatherings.

Nandos: #036-057, Level 3, Viewing Mall South, Terminal 2 | Tel: 6543 9766 | Opening Hours: 10:30am – 10pm (Daily) | Website   

4. Fish & Co., T2 (Halal)

Located beside Nando’s, we wasted no time and headed to Fish & Co. for our extended lunch to feast on seafood.

Starting with a side of Mussels with Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce ($12.95), the blue mussels were drenched in a delicious creamy sauce when pair with the warm bread, which left us wanting more.

The Seafood Galore for 2 ($49.95) is exclusive to Changi Airport T2 only, being typical Singaporeans, we knew we had to try this special item.

The pan was filled with butterflied king prawns that was succulent and flavoured with herbs, gratinated scallops that hide a creamy mushroom sauce beneath the melted cheese, curry buttered clams that provided a tangy contrast, a fresh grilled fish and fries.

The chef’s attention to details in ensuring all the ingredients are cooked well made it all the more tasty. Just when you thought that’s all to it, you’ll find a bed of fragrant paella rice, which we thought that the entire portion was more than enough to feed three pax.

Fish & Co.: #036-058, Terminal 2 Departure Hall  | Tel: 6546 4485 |  Opening Hours: (Mon – Thurs) 10:30am – 11pm, (Fri – Sat) 10:30am – 1am, (Sun) 10:30am – 12am | Website 

5. Penang Culture, T2 (Halal)

Penang Culture 1

Penang Culture at T2 serves affordable yet delicious Penang hawker food, and boasts itself as a “Street Food Paradise”. The shop is also the first Penang-themed Halal-certified restaurant in Singapore.

We could not resist trying the Premium Crabmeat and Salted Egg Fried Kway Teow ($15.95), a highly-raved dish that’s touted to be the “king” of Penang char kway teow.

Penang Culture 3

The dish arrived with a tantalising aroma that hit us almost immediately. It came with a generous array of ingredients — juicy prawns, shredded crab meat, salted egg chunks, fresh cockles, squid, fishcake and beansprouts.

Penang Culture 2

Unlike many salted egg dishes that are slathered on with a creamy sauce, this came with salted egg chunks that gave the dish a nice subtle flavour and complemented the deep wok hei of the noodles.

The clever addition of crab meat added a new flavour profile to the dish — slightly spicy, briny and savoury at the same time, we could not stop ourselves from reaching out for more.

Penang Culture: #036-087-01, Terminal 2, Level 3 Depature/Check-In Hall | Opening Hours: 10:30am – 10pm | Tel: +65 6546 7793 | Website | Facebook 

6. Bikanervala, T3 (Halal)

Bikanervala 1

Moving on to Terminal 3! For Indian and vegetarian food lovers, you’re in luck — the newly-opened Bikanervala, an international chain with presence from India, London to even New Zealand, offers just that. Tucked away in a corner of the viewing mall, keep a look out for its bright red sign to find your way there.

Bikanervala opens up new food options to vegetarian food lovers who are midnight owls as well — you’ll be glad to hear that they’re open all-day. The Indian-vegetarian restaurant offers a huge array of food items, ranging from North Indian to South Indian food, as well as items including tandoorichapati, and even Chinese renditions.

Bikanervala 5

We had the privilege of trying out various items from the menu. Don’t pass up on the fried rice and vegetarian noodles that had a nice wok hei taste, which are from the Chinese Combo ($11.50) — definitely worth a try!

Other special mentions go to the uttapam, which tasted almost like a pancake; and vada, which was well-seasoned and savoury.

Bikanervala 6

The Tandoori Platter ($13.50) was absolutely fragrant and delicious. Charred to perfection, we especially loved the pan-fried cottage cheese, which left us fighting for the last piece.

Bikanervala 2

Oh, did we mention that Bikanervala specialises in sweets as well, and there are also conveniently packaged goods available to take home as gifts.

The sweets were all so eye-catching and enticing, I’ll definitely come back to try them.

Bikanervala: Terminal 3, Level 4 Viewing Mall | Opening Hours: 24/7 | Website | Facebook

7. O’Coffee Club, T3

O Coffee Club 1

Located beside Row One of T3 Departure Hall, O’Coffee Club is a prominent cafe that is easily noticeable. They are a perfect place for you to chill out with a coffee and people-watch during your tea break.

O Coffee Club 8

We feasted on the Chilli Crab Linguine ($19.90) which smelt irresistible upon serving. We were sold after the first bite, which won us over with the generous chunks of real crab meat and perfectly al dente pasta.

The spicy chilli and tomato sauce also nicely complemented one another, giving the pasta a nice rounded flavour.

O Coffee Club 3

For those looking for a lighter bite, O’Coffee Club also offers the Afternoon Tea Set ($24.90), served daily from 2pm to 6pm. This tea set allows you to indulge in both sweets and savoury options, along with freshly brewed premium coffee or gourmet tea.

O Coffee Club 6

What impressed us the most was the unassuming Truffle Egg Mayo Tart, which packed a punch in this mini snack. Shout-out to the Raisin Scone as well, it was lovely with the clotted cream.

O’Coffee Club: Terminal 3, Level 2 | Opening Hours: 24/7 | Tel: +65 6585 6369 | Website | Facebook

8. Paradise Dynasty, T3

Paradise Dynasty 1

Finally, dinnerParadise Dynasty dishes up Northern and Southern Chinese cuisine at affordable prices.

Paradise Dynasty 5

We had the La Mian with Sliced Pork in Signature Pork Bone Soup ($10.80), which had a dense broth that was light, refreshing and heartening all at once.

The intense flavour of the broth came from simmering pork bones, pork ribs and whole chicken under slow fire for 12 hours.

Paradise Dynasty 7

The la mian (hand-pulled noodles) is also handmade fresh daily, resulting in soft and silky noodles. Accompanied by the perfectly cooked pork slices and onsen egg — this dish is perfect for a cold, rainy day out.

Paradise Dynasty 4

We also tried the iconic Specialty Dynasty Xiao Long Bao (8 flavours, $14.80), which is the world’s first eight international flavoured xiao long bao.

The restaurant recommends eating the Signature Original first, followed by Ginseng (green), before going in a clockwise direction and ending with the Szechuan (red). You could also read up on Changi Airport’s tips on how to enjoy eating these lovely little buns.

Delicately made with 18 precise folds for each xiao long bao that is filled with rich chicken broth, this signature dish is not to be missed when you pay a visit to Paradise Dynasty.

Paradise Dynasty: Terminal 3, Level 3 | Opening Hours: 7am – 11pm | Tel: +65 6242 4372 | Website

Bonus: Perks You Never Knew About Shopping At Changi Airport

Changi Airport Late Night Supper (Online)-13

The eateries and restaurants are conveniently located near stores that you can shop at after a hearty meal. You’ll be pleased to find electronics, stationery, household items and even jewellery all located within Changi Airport.

When you shop with your Changi Rewards membership, it will grant you GST savings (excluding food) and rebates — with a perpetual 7% off your purchases at the public area even if you’re not flying! I’d say it’s a sweet deal!

Grab your friends and your membership card and head down to the airport for a good time today.

*This post was brought to you in partnership with Changi Airport