Indulge in Chef Pang’s Hakka Dumplings This Dragon Boat Festival 2020

With the ushering of this year’s Dragon Boat Festival, get yourself some lovely and delectable rice dumplings! What better way to do so but with these gorgeous and premium-quality rice dumplings from Pang’s Hakka Delicacies?

Antoinette’s award-winning Chef Pang is taking your favourite bak zhang up a notch with its myriad of exquisite and refined rice dumplings which will guarantee to impress and dazzle.

Pang's Hakka

In keeping to traditions and flavours, Pang’s Hakka is delighted to bring you their collection of original Hakka rice dumplings. The Hakka Experience Dumpling Bundle (S$25) features a Hakka Pang Salted Egg Dumpling, a Hakka Pang Mochi Dumpling, a Hakka Red Wine Chicken Dumpling, and a Hakka Pork Belly with Preserved Mustard Leaf Dumpling.

Mochi Dumpling

Among the variety of four dumplings, my favourite was their Mochi Dumpling. As pretty as it looks, this opulent creation is possibly the most stunning dumpling I’ve encountered thus far. The glutinous rice was tinted with a delightful and vibrant marbled skin with yellow and purple hues. Made from sweet potatoes, it possessed a sticky and gooey exterior.

Hakkapang Mochi Dumpling

This pretty little parcel was honestly quite a sight to behold. The moist and chewy dumpling was stuffed with succulent pork belly, earthy mushrooms, dried shrimps, cuttlefish, cubed yam, and beancurd. A unique and addictive combination of sweet and savoury, the moreish and flavourful ingredients delivered well-rounded flavours in each bite.

Ideal for dessert-loving gourmets, you would really want to add this into your list of must-try rice dumplings; they are so bright and enlivening!

Pang's Hakka Dumplings

Next up, the Hakka Pang Salted Egg Dumpling features pork belly, Chinese mushroom, dried shrimps, dried cuttlefish, preserved radishes, salted egg yolk, Italian chestnut, and peanuts enveloped in fragrant moist, glutinous rice.

Rich and distinct in flavour, it hit right on all chords and I’m sure it’ll satisfy even the most discerning salted egg fan.

With that said, hurry and place your orders for these delectable dumplings now to avoid any disappointment! Place your orders here and deliveries are available from 25 June 2020 with an islandwide delivery fee of S$8. You can also choose to opt for self-collection. Delivery slots are subjected to availability thus do act fast and perhaps you’ll be able to get your hands on these scrumptious dumpling just in time for the Dragon Boat Festival!

Dates & Times: Pang’s Hakka available for pre-order here

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Our Rating: 5 / 5

Pang's Hakka Delicacies

30 Penhas Road, Singapore 208188

Our Rating 5/5

Pang's Hakka Delicacies

30 Penhas Road, Singapore 208188

Telephone: +65 9021 7507
Operating Hours: 12pm - 6pm (Thurs to Tues), Closed on Wed
Telephone: +65 9021 7507

Operating Hours: 12pm - 6pm (Thurs to Tues), Closed on Wed
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