Rachelle The Rabbit Meadery Launches New Chendol Gin

Local distilleries are up-and-coming, and Rachelle the Rabbit Meadery is one of them. However, they stand out by producing the first-ever locally inspired gin just last month, Rojak Gin. And now, they have added Chendol Gin to their list.

Chendol Gin Online 1

The Rojak Gin was closer to their mead roots as they distilled fermented honey with a few other ingredients.

A1 Chendol 11

This time, they used fermented gula melaka as their base distillate instead, for a sweeter and mellower flavour. They then added three ingredients, namely juniper berries, pandan leaves and coconut, to attain the finished product.

Chendol Gin Online 2

This Chendol Gin is good on its own, but great for mixology as well. It has a long-lasting aromatic finish, with lingering pandan and coconut notes. This leaves a subtle creamy and soft trace, which is intense but not overbearing. Hence, it goes well with other cocktails.

Chendol Gin Online 3

If this intrigues you, you can get your hands on this Chendol Gin on their site with free shipping. Otherwise, you can also get them from shops like Temple Cellars and Good Luck Provisions. Certain bars such as Oriental Elixir carry them as well.

Chendol Gin Online 4

We heard that iced tea paired with the Chendol Gin is a good combination as seen above. Seems like Rachelle the Rabbit Meadery not only produces good mead but spirits too.

Dates & times: Now available at selected sites, shops and bars 

Price: S$98 for 500ml