Cheval Café Bar Bistro, Kensington Square: “A sense of familiarity I’d not experienced in a while”

Sometimes it’s the most unexpected locations that you’d stumble across quaint gems, and Kensington Square is one such place. Just 15 minutes from Bartley MRT if you’re up for an easy stroll—you know, to build up that appetite—Cheval Café Bar Bistro isn’t just a one-trick pony when it comes to feeding your hunger.

Indoor seating at Cheval

Its arena spans across a spacious restaurant and a dedicated whiskey bar that honours the equestrian sport—a passion that’s dear to the owners.

Cheval whiskey bar

Come for your fill of hearty dishes of crowd favourites as well as beloved recipes of the family before popping over to their whiskey bar, which carries a wide range of premium whiskeys, for a nightcap and idle chatter.

They also offer delivery if you want the best of both worlds—a cosy night in and some mouth-watering grub to keep those hunger pangs at bay.

What I tried

Signature Homemade Prawn Ball

A staple on the menu that’s available at all their outlets, including the recently visited Cheval Chi Bao, is their Signature Homemade Prawn Ball (S$16). As a recipe that’s been passed down from the owner’s grandmother, it delights me as if my own grandma made these for me.

Signature Homemade Prawn Ball

Bouncy and crisp, the prawn balls provided comfort and nostalgia in a single bite—a sense of familiarity I’d not experienced in a while.

Hot and Spicy Buffalo Wings

Feeling naughty enough to play with fire? Cheval Café Bar Bistro’s Hot and Spicy Buffalo Wings (S$18) just might do a dance with you. Cloaked in buffalo sauce created specially by the chef, these juicy wings serve as the perfect accompaniment to the myriad of pint options that the restaurant has available.

While they won’t raise an alarm for jugs of water as relief from the heat, they’ll perform a pretty number on your tongue. The slick savoury-sweet sauce draws you back for more, like an ex-flame you can’t shake off.

Moules Mariniere

I snapped back to reality in an instant slurp of Moules Mariniere (S$16) that’s dripping with silky broth that’s laced with briny seafood essence. The black mussels not only carry a sweetness that slices through the weight of the broth, but it’s a sweetness that accentuates its charisma.

Label me selfish, but next time, I’ll have this all for myself.

Homemade Angus Beef Burger

For a place that’s made to feel as easy as home, you can’t do without Homemade Angus Beef Burger (S$18). Decked out in an uncomplicated stack of lettuce, tomato, pickles, and cheese, it’s a direct highway to flavour town.

With a patty that’s housemade, it’s aptly seasoned and succulent to warrant a recommendation.

Crab Meat with Basil and Tomato Angel Hair Pasta

What did I say about comfort? Even the light-handed Crab Meat with Basil and Tomato Angel Hair Pasta (S$18) doesn’t escape my advances. You see, food doesn’t have to be complex to be great, and this is a testament to simplicity winning the masses.

Peppered frivolously with crab meat, the angel hair pasta coils around every fleck, providing a sweet-briny satisfaction in every swirl.

Herbed Roasted Rack of Lamb

Circling back to meat (because I love a run-around of tasting a menu like a true journey), I couldn’t get enough of the Herbed Roasted Rack of Lamb (S$36) for its impeccable tenderness and earthy flavour.

While I recognise lamb is a divisive choice of meat among many, if you don’t belong to the nay club, this plate will have you tossing your cutlery aside in favour of man-handling the bones for a clean bite.

Panna cotta

What is a meal without a sweet finish? One that’ll certainly do the job is the Panna Cotta with Berries and Fruit Syrup (S$16). My suggestion is to be liberal with every scoop, digging up a balanced ratio of glossy panna cotta and fruit compôte for a refreshing explosion that’ll cleanse the palate.

Assortment of cocktails

Not many places place emphasis on their drinks, but here at Cheval Café Bar Bistro, you just might be tempted to order their penny-worthy jug of Sangria (S$68 per jug) that makes for six glasses.

Equal parts sweet, tart, and even tangy, the conviviality of sharing a jug is always welcome. They also have potent cocktails such as Whiskey Sour and a dainty Flora Dora (S$18 per cocktail) for those who prefer a single portion tipple for personal consumption.

Final thoughts

While I’m unfamiliar with the area that surrounds Kensington Square, I’m also secretly jealous that the nearby residents—I’m looking at you, living right across the street—get to enjoy Cheval Café Bar Bistro’s varied and toothsome fare. Be it a quick meal before running off to errands or catching up with friends over a gourmet spread and tasty libations, this place satiates every yearning your inner foodie desires.

Expected damage: S$18 – S$35 per pax

Chope Reservations

*This post was brought to you in collaboration with Cheval Café Bar Bistro.

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Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Cheval Café Bar Bistro

2 Jalan Lokam, Kensington Square, #01-51/52, Singapore 537846

Our Rating 4/5

Cheval Café Bar Bistro

2 Jalan Lokam, Kensington Square, #01-51/52, Singapore 537846

Telephone: +65 6241 2883
Operating Hours: 11am - 10.30pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6241 2883

Operating Hours: 11am - 10.30pm (Daily)
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