Dabao your favourite Singaporean dishes reimagined into clay trinket trays

As our writer Ariel perfectly sums up—it’s the time of the year when Singaporean-themed dishes, merchandise, and massive discounts head our way. While that may be expected yearly, this collection by Instagram craft shop @Clay.byrach definitely stands out as both unique and adorable.

I’m a huge supporter of local craft shops, especially when they’re slow-made and shaped with such care and thought. I stumbled upon Clay By Rach a few weeks ago and I’ve already purchased a few pieces myself. And while it’s tempting to keep this little gem of a find, I know the only right thing to do when you discover talent as admirable as this is to share it, of course.

A collage of clay chicken rice & nasi lemak
Credit – @Clay.byrach

In her latest release, crafter Rachel has launched her National Day Drop [Dabao Edition] under which she makes some of the most intricately-finished clay pieces scaled down and embellished to a tee.

Chilli Crab

Clay Chilli Crab

In our podcast, Tapau Please, Wani and Zat discuss Singapore’s national dish, in which Chilli Crab emerges as a strong contender. Growing up, chilli crab has definitely reigned supreme whenever tourists seek local ‘must-try’ dishes, but what constitutes as the ‘most Singaporean’ dish is always constantly evolving.

Chicken Rice

Clay Chicken Rice

Of course what trails closely behind is Chicken Rice—it’s hard to say no to a plate of fragrant, savoury, and above all, economical mealtime option.

Nasi Lemak

Clay Nasi Lemak

Some readers will know that I’ve started my hunt for Singapore’s best Nasi Lemak and have been diligent towards the cause ever since. But this piece is my favourite of the collection not due to that reason, but because of how the bed of coconut rice and its tiny side dishes contrast so well against the forest green banana leaf tapau packet.

Roti Prata

Clay Roti Prata

Roti Prata happens to be one of those things that you usually eat either really early in the morning, or late at night. It’s usually the latter for me, considering these eyes don’t see the light of day until 10am, on good days. But seriously, there’s nothing not to love about fluffy dough paired with a fiery curry.

Chwee Kueh 

Clay Chwee Kueh

The last of the lot is well-adored breakfast food, Chwee Kueh, and this Eastie is fortunate enough to be living in the ‘hood with one of the best iterations around—Bedok Chwee Kueh 水粿.

Past collections

Clay Tarts
Credit – Clay by Rach

This isn’t the first time Rachel has made cute, creative pieces inspired by food. In her last collection, she released Rach’s Bakes which featured a host of ‘baked tarts’ that looked good enough to eat.

Look out for Rachel’s future drops here.

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