New & Improved Coca-Cola Peach Is Now Available At All 7-Eleven Stores In Singapore

Coca-Cola has been coming up with various creative concoctions over the years to enhance the classic favourite with some hits and misses. This 2019, Coca-Cola has brought back their Peach flavour that’s better than before.

Peach Coca Cola 1

I failed to get my hands on it the previous time and was not going to miss the opportunity again. Imported from Japan, the packaging is different from the regular Coca-Cola; it is wrapped in a slightly sparkling pink wrapper. The print on it is simple but eye-catching and hard to miss.

Peach Coca Cola 2

Although the Coca-Cola Peach (S$2.50) contained only 1% white peach juice, its aromatic fragrance is unmistakable upon opening the bottle cap.

Peach Coca Cola 3

The first sip was a bit of a surprise: it is less carbonated than regular Coca-Cola, not too sweet, surprisingly light and refreshing.

I liked how the peach juice tied in well with the Coca-Cola without overpowering the taste of it; somehow the fruit has proven to be versatile in both food and beverages.

With McDonald’s recent peach pie and the return of the Cola-Cola Peach, I wonder what would be the next item to feature the fruit.

My favourite variation of the carbonated drink is still Coca-Cola Vanilla, but this is still pretty decent and worth a try if you happen to drop by 7-Eleven.

Date: Now available at 7-Eleven outlets islandwide

Price: S$2.50 per bottle