Coffee Break: Amoy Street Hawker Sells Artisanal Kopi & Toast To The New Generation

Last Updated: March 7, 2017

Written by Ynez Wahab

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If you’re in need of a caffeine fix and are tired of overpriced cafe fare, head over to Coffee Break at Amoy Street Food Centre. Located on the second floor, the hawker sells cafe favourites such as, lattes and mochas, while staying true to traditional coffee brewing methods with the usual kopi and teh offerings.

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With a penchant for concocting innovative spreads for their toasts, you can expect something a little different from the usual Kaya toast we’re all accustomed to. Try the Earl Grey Creme Toast ($3), and you won’t be disappointed with the fragrant tea base that is spread across the crisp thin toast. 

Coffee Break-8

Although we enjoyed the earl grey and butter filling, we felt that they could have chosen something other than wholemeal bread to go with it. Perhaps, a bread that will produce a crispier exterior; one that doesn’t feel like it was taken straight out of a toaster.

Coffee Break-10

For those who are fans of the classic ice cream flavour, go for the Rum & Raisin ($3) pairing. As with the earl grey, the cream was light and extremely fresh, making it absolutely refreshing. The flavour, was however, lacking in the rum department, which could’ve been intensified. 

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The most fragrant smelling out of the bunch, the Black Sesame ($3) turned out to be one of the best combinations ever. Surprisingly, the black sesame spread and butter slabs complemented each other fairly well.

Even though the cream wasn’t nearly as fluffy as the others, this came with a certain appeal that we just couldn’t get enough of. 

Coffee Break-3

While the Sea Salt Caramel Latte ($3.80) may not be the most unconventional of drinks, it was definitely marked at a cheaper price, as compared to the usual cafe joints. Unlike most caramel based beverages, it wasn’t overly sweet and boasted a smooth consistency throughout; perfect for a hot sweltering day. 

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Here’s something a little different; the Caramel Rum Mocha ($3.80). With flavoured coffee beverages, there’s always a risk of not geting a steady blend from the coffee beans. But in this case, the coffee had a distinct flavour that could not be obtained without the filtration of the “coffee sock” method, as we all know it. 

In fact, the bitterness of the coffee beans served to balance out the sweetness from the caramel, as a whole. 

Coffee Break-4

To shake things up, we tried the Melon Milk Tea ($3), which was akin to the customary milk tea drink concoctions we’re used to having. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed the melon flavouring that jazzed up the milk tea. A shame we couldn’t add pearls to the mix. 

Coffee Break-11

With everything from homemade spreads on toast to hipster beverages, Coffee Break is definitely not your traditional hawker stall. And yet, they are nothing like the major coffee chains who make their coffee using machines because they choose to stick with the old school brewing methods. 

If anything, they have definitely spruced up the regular kopi and toasts by creating their very own local favourites that will not only, cater to the younger generation but introduce something different to the older folks at the same time.

Expected Damage: $3 – $3.80 

Coffee Break: Amoy Street Food Centre, 7 Maxwell Road, #02-78, Singapore 069111 | Opening Hours: Monday – Friday (7.30am – 2.30pm) | Tel: 81006218 | Facebook

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