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The World Gets Creative with Coronavirus-themed Food Like Virus-shaped Burger and Toilet Roll Cakes

With the escalating COVID-19 crisis that experts have started comparing to World War II in terms of magnitude and impact, all the more we should band together (in spirit, of course, because you should definitely stay home) and try to find joy in the little things. That’s exactly what these ingenious chefs and bakers have been doing, by creating coronavirus-themed foods to provide some comic relief and make lemons out of lemonade.

Recently, pictures of a coronavirus-themed burger have surfaced on the internet, originating from Pizza Home in Hanoi, Vietnam. This burger was conceived and brought to life by Hoang Tung, one of their chefs, who believes that “if you are scared of something, you should eat it”.

A burger-sized replica of the coronavirus molecule, Hoang’s creation features green-tea stained buns with small protrusions to depict the “crown”. He told Reuters that eating a burger in the shape of the virus itself diminishes its fear factor, allowing you to spread joy to others during the pandemic with this way of thinking.

Despite the number of businesses that have declared bankrupt or been forced to close down after being hit by the virus, Pizza Home is still doing well, selling about 50 ‘Corona Burgers’ a day.

On the other side of the world, Schuerener Backparadies bakery in Germany had a similar idea, inventing toilet roll-shaped cakes (€6.95) in a parody of the mass-buying crazes that saw supermarket shelves being emptied of their toilet paper stock. Fashioned after quilted toilet rolls, these marble cakes are wrapped with white fondant icing and imprinted with tiny diamond shapes, finished with a brown centre and even a flapping corner—it’s pretty damn lifelike if you ask me.

For whatever reason, customers have flocked to the novel cakes like moths to a flame, with the bakery making at least 200 a day. Like Pizza Home, these toilet roll-shaped cakes have been keeping the bakery buoyant during this economic downturn, an unforeseen but lucky occurrence.

Whether it’s light-hearted fun or in bad taste, at least it’s helping these businesses stay afloat when they most need it, while injecting positivity into these otherwise depressing times. Who knows what coronavirus-themed food they’ll come out with next?

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Price: From €6.95

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