Crown Bakery: Singapore Cafe Review

Last Updated: May 24, 2015

Written by Olivia Poh

“Heavenly Bread Pudding”

crown bakery singapore

Amidst the herds of new-trend hipster cafes popping up all around the area, its a treat to find an unpretentious bakery, exuding a certain regal aura of class.

With a pristine white and blue interior, it reminds one much of the courtyards of royalty, with a name such as crown bakery leading the way. At the same time, the deco still manages to retain that bit of plushness and comfort we all are still looking for.

crown bakery-8

Opening its doors from the 29th of April, the hype is something we are really looking forward too. Featuring innovative local specials such as the Hainanese Chicken Bread ($4.50), Crown Bakery deserves special recognition for perfecting that magical blend of creativity with taste.

Dip the bread into their special mix of the famous local Hainanese chilli sauce, and you’re good to go. For me however, I found it a tad bland, where there wasn’t much of the authentic fragrant flavours of the original chicken rice. Perhaps subtlety was their way to go, but I would have preferred if it carried more robust flavours as per the famed local delight.

crown bakery-6

All their bread are made au naturale, with no additional artificial flavourings, colourings, preservatives and all those nasty chemicals ever so prevalent in our food nowadays, sticking to their company’s vision.

They specially source for premium top grade flour from Hokkaido (Kitanokaori), the finest french mill wheat flour, and german sourdough flour, to deliver consistent quality and fine tasting bread and patisseries.

Using French butter and direct-from-farm honey as well, you can really tell crown bakery is not one to skimp on quality or cut corners, offering only the very best to its customers. They even cultivate their own yeast in-house, further demonstration of their dedication to the whole concept and practice.

crown bakery cherry strawberry bread

Featured is their own creation of the cherry and strawberry bread ($3.30), made from strawberry yeast cultivated patiently by the head chef. We could taste subtle notes of the strawberry fruit itself, originating from the yeast, and it was obvious that the natural taste differed significantly from the artificial flavourings most establishments use nowadays for their produce.

crown bakery-4

We also tried signatures like the Crown Bread (4 flavours; $12.80), and the Koari Ciabatta bread. The crown bread was dotted with mixed berries and such, which gave off an interesting mix of tangy with chewy.

They had 4 flavours: Red wine fig, cranberry & cherry, bacon cheese & mustard, and of course, the all-time favourite, chocolate. The flavours weren’t as prominent as I hoped, and I felt it wasn’t worth the marked up price of $12.80. It still qualifies as something great for sharing, though it was admittedly, still a little on the hard side.

I preferred, to a large extent, the Koari ciabatta ($4), which was my favourite thus far. The interior was fluffy and carried a chewy texture which I really loved, where there was a starchy, springy greatness that reminds me much of the Japanese mochi. Together with their artisanal jams, of passion fruit & lemon and dragon fruit & peach, the whole combination was exceptionally impeccable.

Apart from these few section of their premium bread, we also tried their mains; all-day breakfast containing bread elements specific to Crown Bakery.

crown bakery-14

The Crown Platter ($29). A little steep on the dollars, I felt the crown platter did not carry its weight for that price tag. $29 for a breakfast platter is really quite exorbitant, and I would expect more than what they had to offer. Admittedly, the red-wine soaked oxtail was of pretty good quality, tasting mostly like stew, but still not exceptional to justify the price of it all.

crown bakery-13

Earl Grey and Pear Bread Pudding ($12). Don’t even get me started. One bite of this and I was taken to dessert heaven. Honestly, this homely dish just reminds me of christmas, eggnog and a warm, cosy fireplace. Carrying distinctly subtle notes of Earl Grey, the bread pudding was a warm, snuggly delight in itself.

A milky, pudding base not overly rich in cream, but yet, still of a smooth consistency enough to make your tastebuds shout for joy. Also, sweetened pear slices in the mix just added to the magic of it all, cementing everything together in a perfect blend.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Crown Bakery as a place for high tea, or actually, for a visit at anytime of the day although there were a few hits and misses, while you’ll have to convince yourself about the bill to pay. A self-proclaimed super devotee of bread, I am actually quite particular about the quality of this favourite go-to floury snack of mine.

Crown bakery seems to impress even the skeptic in me, with the high quality flour and deft hands used to  bake such awesome bread. It is a place I will see myself returning to, albeit the slightly pricey tag. Especially for the bread pudding. I could eat 20 at one go. Ok maybe not. But you get the idea.

Expected Damage: $4 – $15/ pax

Crown Bakery: 557 Bukit Timah Road, Crown Centre #01-03, Singapore 269694 | +65 6463 3066 | Website

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