You won’t be able to resist these best-selling Soy Skin Crisps snacks in new Original flavour

Following its beginning as purveyors in Singapore’s fried fish skin snack area, Crusty’s has explored the realm of soy skin crisps. It only makes sense—from one crunchy snack to another, what could be better? It’s certainly a snack that has earned a following, from being paired to savoury dishes such as yong tau fu and dim sum. But who says these addictive bites need only be enjoyed with a meal?

Crusty's Original Soy Skin Crisps
Credit – Crusty’s

For Crusty’s they started off with the ever-popular Crusty’s Salted Egg Soy Skin Crisps, a flavour that everyone went ga-ga for upon its introduction. Soon after, Crusty’s Wasabi Soy Skin Crisps were born, and the madness didn’t stop there. Today, they’re going back to basics with Crusty’s Original Soy Skin Crisps (S$16.20 for 50gX4 packets), and they’re made available at your convenience on Shopee. They are currently available as a bundle of four packets—so you won’t have to share your packet with anyone else.

Crusty's Original Soy Skin Crisps on Shopee
Credit – Crusty’s

If you’re a collector of boxes to organise and keep your knick-knacks, you’ll also love their packaging—a beautifully designed Shopee X Crusty’s box. Oh, we almost forgot; don’t forget to keep a lookout for a surprise voucher when you unbox these tasty snacks! Boring potato chips are out, and crispy rolled beancurd skins are in. Check them out now on Shopee and enjoy the limited discounted price till 31 May 2021. Time to get crunching!

Date & Time: Crusty’s Original Soy Skin Crisps are available for purchase on Shopee

Price: S$16.20 for a packet of four (discounted price valid till 31 May 2021)

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