Cup Noodle Somen: The First Instant Cold Cup Noodles By Nissin In Japan To Be Enjoyed With Ice Cubes


Come summertime in Japan, temperatures can get unbearably hot and to combat the heat, Nissin has come up with an ingenious solution: Cup Noodle Somen, or instant Japanese wheat noodles. Traditionally served cold with a dipping sauce, many Japanese folks eat this dish during the summer for obvious reasons.

Now, you can even have it in instant noodle form. While you do still have to cook the noodles with hot water first, the key is let it cool down for a few minutes before adding a handful of ice cubes (as seen in the image) to chill the noodles.

Sadly, this is available only in Japan right now. To try it, you’d have to head there yourself or get a good friend to bring some back for you.

Here’s to hoping it’ll come to our ever-sunny shores someday.

Expected Damage: 180 Yen (Approx. S$2.24)

Cup Noodle Somen: Convenience Stores Across Japan