CutQ App: Fuss-Free Ordering That Will Change The Way You Dabao Food In Singapore

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When you’re ordering your food to go instead of eating it immediately, it’s safe to say that you’re probably in a bit of a rush. Even if you’re not, who doesn’t want to get their grub as soon as they can anyway?

The CutQ app is here to, well, cut the queue for you by letting you pre-order your food or drinks before you set off to the store. The app’s name says it all – by the time you go to collect your food, it will be ready, allowing you to avoid the crazy lunch crowd.

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You can even select and customise your order (extra sugar? low fat?) via the user-friendly interface. After that, choose when you’d like your order to be ready and key in your CutQ password, a safety feature that’ll make sure nobody hijacks your phone and calls for 50 pizzas in your name.

The final step is payment by Visa or Mastercard, and tadaa! Your order is confirmed.

Not only can you make life easier for yourself, you can impress your colleagues by offering to collate orders when everyone wants to dabao from the same place. Anyone up for a mass coffee binge?

CutQ App: Download for Android, iOS | Website | Facebook