Enter the ultimate bread haven with over 10 kinds of bread at Da Paolo Gastronomia

At this point, it’s no secret that I loaf bread very much. Crust me when I say that it’s a staple carb that I knead in my daily life. Aside from being unbelievably versatile, bread also comes in a gigantic variety, and your one stop shop to access numerous different kinds of bread is Da Paolo Gastronomia.

image of da paolo dempsey's storefront

Da Paolo Gastronomia is no stranger to most bread fanatics, boasting eight outlets across Singapore. They’ve expanded their range of breads to focus on Italian-style and Italian-inspired breads, as well as a diverse selection of sourdough breads and holiday specials.

I visited Da Paolo Dempsey Restaurant & Bar bright and early on a weekday morning, and was surprised at the bustling breakfast crowd that adorned the classy yet inviting space.

image of da paolo's bread being shaped

From there, I was treated to a live bread-making demonstration, showcasing how Da Paolo’s bakers meticulously handcraft each and every loaf they produce.

The breads are made fresh daily and are fermented for 24 hours in order to develop the best flavours and textures, as opposed to simply using instant active yeast. Their all-natural sourdough starter contains about 20 types of yeast and 50 different bacteria.

The breads are sold in smaller loaves so that customers are able to finish them quickly while they are still fresh. As someone who dislikes purchasing giant loaves of bread given the amount of time that it takes to consume, I certainly appreciate this aspect of Da Paolo’s loaves.

image of da paolo's stirato being shaped

A kind of bread sold at Da Paolo Gastronomia is the Wood-fired Sourdough Stirato (S$5.90), which is considered to be a cross between a ciabatta and a baguette. I watched as the stirato was shaped into a gorgeous twist and placed in the wood-fired oven to bake.

image of stirato being put into the oven

To finish, the stirato breads are flamed to provide a slight char and a deeper colour.

image of da paolo's bread

Lovers of sourdough will be spoilt for choice with Da Paolo Gastronomia’s selection of sourdough loafs, like the Seeded Sourdough Loaf (S$6.90), Vienna Sourdough Loaf (S$6.50), Butter Brioche Sourdough Loaf (S$7.50) and the aforementioned Wood-fired Sourdough Stirato.

image of da paolo's bread

All loaves of sourdough were crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, with large air pockets and a rich, intense flavour. The Wood-fired Sourdough Stirato, in particular, was especially chewy and textured, though my favourite was the Butter Brioche Sourdough Loaf, which was soft and spongey with a sweet, buttery aroma.

image of cold cuts and cheese

If eating plain bread doesn’t interest you, why not indulge in Da Paolo Gastronomia’s charcuterie items and array of condiments?

Select from an array of cold cuts and cheeses like Mortadella, Prosciutto di Parma DOP and Asiago Pressato to pair with your bread.

image of da paolo's jams and honey

For a sweeter alternative, Da Paolo offers jam, honey and spreads too. Try the Da Paolo Truffle Honey (S$19.90), which surprised me with its strong truffle aroma that didn’t overpower the natural sweetness of the honey.

Aside from their regular breads, Da Paolo Gastronomia takes things even further with their limited-edition monthly bakes, which are inspired by occasions or traditions with cultural significance.

At the time of writing, their monthly special is their Honey Rosetta Bread (S$4.50) for Mother’s Day, a beautiful bread sweetened with honey-rose-water syrup and sprinkled with chopped pistachios and candied rose bits.

image of da paolo's milk buns

Look forward to their Father’s Day Milk Buns coming soon, which are pillowy soft with a sweet natural fragrance. Though I loved the Milk Buns paired with cold cuts and cheese, they were so flavourful and delicious that I’d honestly eat them on their own!

I can safely say that Da Paolo Gastronomia is a fantastic go-to spot for a variety of bread. From rustic sourdough and ciabatta loaves to sweet butter brioches, there’s truly a kind of bread for everyone.

Plus, with their exciting monthly bakes, who knows what else they’ll come up with? The best is yet to crumb!

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