Din Tai Fung: The crowd favourite Steamed Chilli Crab and Pork Xiao Long Bao makes a comeback

Do we really need a session to indulge in locally-inspired food? Good news for all you foodies out there— Din Tai Fung has brought back their Steamed Chilli Crab and Pork Xiao Long Baos from now until 31 August 2022! Psst, all UOB Cardmembers get to enjoy 10% off this dish too!

By now, most of us would be familiar with the usual suspects over at Din Tai Fung. It’s literally that good, that’s why we’d rather play it safe and stick to the better known signatures. This time, we’re elevating the familiar dining experience with a few underdog dishes for you to try at your next visit. 

What I tried at Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung x UOB Dining Advisor 12

To kickstart our meal, we had the limited-time only special, Steamed Chilli Crab & Pork Xiao Long Bao (S$9.50). Each basket had four gems that were significantly larger in size as compared to the classic ones. 

Just like how I begin my tasting process with every other xiao long bao I eat, I made a small incision first to drink the semi-spicy crab-based broth. Next, I took a bite to reveal the fillings before popping the rest of the gem in to savour.

Steamed Chilli Crab Xiao Long Baos

While I could not quite taste the pork, I must say the sweetness of the chilli crab surely made an impression. It was fresh, not too overpowering nor spicy, and generously filled.  

It was recommended by the Din Tai Fung chefs for this dish to be savoured as it is but I couldn’t resist a little ginger and vinegar. Best to savour one without complements before diving into the next one just the way you like it. If you’re a UOB Cardmember, you get to enjoy 10% off this dish too!

Din Tai Fung liced Duck in Crispy Spring Onion Pastry

So, is it just me or have we all been missing out on the Sliced Duck in Crispy Spring Onion Pastry (S$9)? This was by far the best dish of the meal and I simply could not believe I’ve never ordered this before!

Each little pocket had one slice of duck (it was glistening too, if I may add) and just a pinch of spring onions. They were wrapped in a flaky, crisp skin, similar to the ones you’d find with spring rolls.

liced Duck in Crispy Spring Onion Pastry

The flavours within were complemented by the various textures you get as you sink your teeth into your first bite. Two bites are all it takes to savour this treat but trust me– I would inhale each pocket in one bite if there was a demure way to do it. 

Perhaps it’s just me being stubborn and always ordering my usuals when at Din Tai Fung. But this crispy, savoury snack was so worth the venture. 

Din Tai Fung Green Chillies Stuffed with Marinated Minced Meat

Do the Green Chillies Stuffed with Marinated Minced Meat ($9.80) look familiar to you? Inspired by the local favourite yong tau foo, this unassuming dish is one that will surprise. Each green chilli stalk was stuffed with a delicious, marinated minced meat filling.

If you’re wondering how spicy this is, I’d say it’s close to none. Green chillies have always been the milder option amongst its family of spice and the slight kick of heat balanced this dish to make it thoroughly enjoyable.

Din Tai Fung Stir-fried Dou Miao with Garlic

While I hardly ever order green dishes at Din Tai Fung, we’ve all certainly had days where we just wanted something ‘light and healthy’. To sort your cravings, the Stir-fried Dou Miao with Garlic (S$12.80) deserves a worthy mention.

Fun fact: every batch of dou miao is almost identical in length and cut carefully before being tossed in minimal oil. A refreshingly underrated choice to balance out the heavier counterparts of your meal, especially if you’re getting fried rice.

Din Tai Fung

Since we were going full swing with trying new underdog dishes, I opted for the Steamed Chicken Soup (S$12.80) next. Perfect for two (or one, in case you’re really hungry), this nourishing bowl of soup makes a great side dish to pair with fried rice, appetisers and others. 

I loved how generous the portion was, with one wing and chunky fillet.  For the best experience, I do advise to drink it while it’s hot and not wait till later to finish this goodness.

Din Tai Fung Steamed Finely Mashed Red Bean Xiao Long Bao

Here’s another I’ve been itching to try ever since it joined the everyday menu— Steamed Finely Mashed Red Bean Xiao Long Bao (S$10.80). Each basket holds 10 of these gems stuffed with a smooth red bean paste and rich chocolate lava centre. 

I noticed the skin of these were significantly thicker than the usual, presumably to hold the fillings better together. Heads up— you might want to take a small bite first, lest the hot chocolate filling jumps unexpectedly.

Steamed Finely Mashed Red Bean Xiao Long Bao

You’ll find that each xiao long bao has more red bean than chocolate lava and thankfully, not as sweet as I expected. Some might find this to be a heavy finish to a meal so I’d probably order if I had more than 3 dining companions with me. Altogether, it was rich, indulgent and hands down a must-try at least once when you’re at Din Tai Fung.

To those looking out for the ultimate insta-worthy photo, get your cameras ready for this one. Just take a hearty bite as you reveal the red bean and chocolate from within, and you have the perfect shot of goodness. 

Din Tai Fung Red Dates with Glutinous Rice

In the spirit of sweet occasions, celebrate with Din Tai Fung over the local creation Red Dates with Glutinous Rice (S$6.80). Now, don’t be deceived by its simple looks. Each date is pitted and stuffed with premium glutinous rice and makes for a sweet finish to your meal. 

Final thoughts

Who knew there would be so many underdog options here at Din Tai Fung? I mean, we’re all aware on how extensive its menu is but I think I speak for many when I say #guiltyascharged for ordering the same old favourites each visit. 

Steamed Chilli Crab and Pork Xiao Long Bao

At least with the addition of the limited edition Steamed Chilli Crab and Pork Xiao Long Bao, there’s no better time to embrace new ventures as we celebrate another year of independence this season.  

Don’t forget, from now until 31 August 2022, all UOB Cardmembers get 10% off on this seasonal dish. Oh, and in case I haven’t said it enough— you have to get the Sliced Duck in Crispy Spring Onion Pastry too. So worth the calories. For more details on the promotion, check out The Dining Advisor by UOB Cards website here.

Expected damage: S$20 – S$30 per pax

*This post was brought to you in partnership with The Dining Advisor by UOB Cards. Above stated prices vary across restaurants, while servings last.

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