10 Activities To Do In Selangor As You Discover What Lies Within The Heart Of Malaysia

Last Updated: October 19, 2017

Written by Ynez Wahab


If you’re keen on exploring other lesser known parts of Malaysia, perhaps you should consider travelling to the state of Selangor.

Flying with Tourism Selangor’s themed Firefly aircraft, we were treated to a no-frills ride that landed us safely at Subang Skypark Airport. From there, we discovered what Selangor had in store for us.

Here are 10 things you can do in Selangor, and why it should be your next holiday destination:

1. Cruise Along The River


While we didn’t get to see the Sky Mirror firsthand due to the season, we did manage to enjoy a river cruise from a speedboat ride. Fortunately, the weather was clear and the cool sea salt breeze sprayed us each time the boat accelerated.


We also got to interact with the fishermen who were in the midst of bringing in their daily catches. At some point in time, a flower crab was even tossed onboard.

2. Have Fresh Seafood Along The Ocean


One thing I really enjoyed about the trip was definitely the array of seafood, particularly the fine fare we enjoyed at the River View Seafood Restaurant along Jalan Besar.


Describing the seafood as fresh, would be an understatement. What’s more, we got to indulge in these while enjoying the view of the cerulean blue ocean.

3. Get Lost In A Corn Field


Prior to this trip, I don’t think I’ve seen or come into contact with as much corn (or Jagung) as I did in Selangor. In fact, it seems that there was an abundance of it everywhere we went. 


As corny as this might sound, I actually had fun visiting the corn field. Surrounded by acres and acres of corn, the wide expanse was definitely a sight to behold. 


While we were there, we also sampled the various delicacies that the locals created using corn as the sole ingredient. We had corn pudding, corn kueh wrapped in a pandan leaf and corn juice, just to name a few. 

4. Experience A Homestay


The Dorani Homestay was probably the most cultural aspect of the trip; we packed up our bags and ditched the hotel for an overnight stay with a local family.

The family that received us were warm and welcoming, and for that we were really grateful to them for opening their doors to us for the night.


Although there was a communication barrier, we did manage to forge some strong bonds with them and learnt more about their lifestyle. Before we bid them farewell, they even prepared a delicious breakfast for us.

5. Be Exposed To Cultural Performances


Another cultural activity we got to witness was the “Kuda Kepang” ritual, which is a traditional Javanese dance practised by the locals.

As part of the performance, the dancers depicted a group of horsemen and moved to the sounds of lashing whips and a somewhat trance-like beat that accompanied the routine. 


Being my first time experiencing something like this, it was certainly an eye-opener that gave me further insight into a different culture.

6. Stop By Mango King


To beat the heat of the day, we made a pit stop to Mango King, a village house selling fresh Sekinchan mangoes.


Made from frozen mangoes, the mango smoothie we had was refreshing and served as the perfect pick-me-up— made without any sugar or additives, the natural sweetness of the mangoes really shone through. It was easy to see why this is popular among locals and tourists alike. 

7. Try Exotic Food


At the Lembah Bernam Restaurant, we tried some exotic meats including porcupine/hedgehog meat. Although it had a tougher texture compared to the usual meats we were accustomed to, we found it palatable, nonetheless. This interesting dish might’ve been odd in the beginning but it definitely grew on us. 


We also had deer meat laden in a curry gravy; this might not be as uncommon in Singapore, but for me, it was still a first and I actually enjoyed it despite the gaminess.

8. Snap Some Shots At The 3D Art Gallery


A visit to the 3D Art Gallery allowed us to admire the selection of colourful motifs and murals, which are similar to that of a trick eye museum. Some of the displays even came with interactive features.

These are some Instagram-worthy pictures you can capture at the museum: 

Selangor-23 Selangor-25 Selangor-27

9. Visit The MinNature Gallery


If you’re ever in the vicinity, definitely drop by MinNature at The Summit shopping complex. This is said to be the largest indoor miniature exhibition in Asia that features the states of Malaysia and its neighbouring countries.


There are currently 12 themed sections in total, but they’re not stopping there because they are still looking at expanding beyond that. All made using 3D printers, the exhibition boasts hundreds of dioramas that were pieced together in great detail by the team behind MinNature. 


There are even interactive panels situated throughout the exhibition, allowing visitors to experience a more life-like setting. For instance, the volcano set-up that emits smoke as soon as we placed our palms on the sensor.

10. Slurp On Cendol


Be sure to visit Cendol Durian Borhan for their speciality cendol durian. Directing customers to the  eatery, the large sign constructed by the roadside is certainly one you can’t miss.


We were served the cendol biasa instead of the signature durian but it was just as good. Definitely of a higher standard than the ones I’ve had in Singapore. 


Not only do they have great cendol, but they also serve a pretty stellar assam laksa. The freshly sliced onions and cucumbers really served to spruce up the flavours of the dish. Chopped in bite-sized pieces, the noodles were easy to slurp up, as well.


If you still have room in your stomach, try the curry noodles as an add-on. The curry broth was thick and had a rich coconut taste, which complemented the fragrant fired shallots and beancurd.


Rich in heritage and brimming with local culture, Selangor is a state you would want to visit if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary. Since not many tourists know of its main attractions, this would make for a rather laid back trip and perhaps, a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Fly with Firefly to discover what Selangor has to offer, and have a look at the other destinations that it travels to.

Flights from Singapore to Selangor starts from S$90 onward, off you go now!

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