Don Quijote Spanish Restaurant: Monthly BBQ Night

“Monthly showcase BBQ night”

don quijote month bbq buffet

This is my 2nd trip to Don Quijote Spanish Restaurant on the invite of owner Ken Lim. Don Quijote has a new monthly BBQ spread on the first Wednesday of the month (they sometimes change it around if there’s an event), promising to showcase some of the best Spanish dishes available here.

Just outside the entrance, a live BBQ grill is set up with chefs charring meats a la minute. Let’s go through some of the delicious food you get to experience for this BBQ night.

don quijote grain fed wagyu

400-day Grain-fed Bone-in Margeret River Wagyu Rib Steak. Meaty and good charred fats around.

don quijote bbq prawns

“Live” sea prawns. The grilled prawns hung to their shells very tenaciously, making it a bit of a pain to peel. I’m not a fan of eating prawn shells for their tasteless crunch.

don quijote bbq spanish suckling pig

Oven-Roasted Spanish Suckling Pig. Probably my favorite item of the night is this whole roasted pig. A crispy finish with soft buttery flesh that provides that good contrast.

don quijote bbq roasted chicken

Farm-Fresh Hormone-Free Chicken. A simple roasted chicken emphasizing more on the natural flavours of the hormone-free chicken meat itself rather than any seasoning.

don quijote bbq lamb rack

Australian Baby Lamb Rack. Not too gamey, tears off the bone relatively easy.

don quijote bbq-07022012

“Live” Barramundi. Freshly grilled fish.

don quijote bbq-07022011

Market-fresh Squid. Didn’t like the squid that much as the texture was a tad chewy.

don quijote bbq baby boston lobster

“Live” Baby Boston Lobster. Baked in cheese and bechamel sauce, these are must tries at the BBQ.

don quijote bbq-07022007Spanish Fresh pork Secreto Iberico. Another worthy pork mention with absolutely tender meat.

don quijote bbq-07022016Paella Especial Don Quijote. Tiger prawn, clam, mussel, chicken pieces and rice cooked in saffron stock. I loved it when it’s cooked in small portions as it stays hot, but the buffet cooks a whole huge plate of it which gets cold fast.


Fideuá Negra. Squid, shrimp and pasta, cooked in squid-ink. I like that they toned down the saltiness since the last time I came, yet still retaining the heavy seafood flavours.



There’s free flow Sangria and Taittinger champagne as well if you get the alcohol buffet option.


spanish restaurant singapore dempsey

Usually items like the Wagyu rib steak come in a huge serving about a kg in size, and makes it hard for people to sample in small portions. The point of this buffet is to showcase the various tapas and dishes so that guests know what to expect before buying a whole paella or tomahawk steak.

don quijote dempsey spanish restaurant

Despite the premium BBQ buffet price, it gets quite crowded for this once a month event. Given the usual a la carte pricing of the items served at this BBQ, the buffet price tag is actually considered a good deal especially if you chug enough champagne. Check out the restaurant’s facebook page for updates on when the next BBQ will be.

You can also read my 3-part Don Quijote review for a more comprehensive breakdown of their extensive menu.

Expected Damage: $188++ (free flow champagne and wines), $128++ (no alcohol)

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Don Quijote Spanish Restaurant: 7 Dempsey Road, #01-02, Singapore 249671 | Tel: 6476 2811 Website

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