Don Quijote Spanish Restaurant: Singapore Food Review (Part 2)

Welcome back to part 2 of our Don Quijote Spanish dinner review.

As mentioned in the first part 1 article of this Don Quijote Review, another dinner variation we can create is a ‘live’ seafood market menu for the seafood connoisseurs.

The ‘live’ seafood market menu is usually available only on weekends, or upon early request so that only the freshest ingredients are delivered for the dinner- An excellent strategy by Don Quijote to ensure high quality and freshness, so you don’t have to worry about getting Hepatitis A or explosive diarrhoea.

Don Quijote fried prawns


Gambas al Ajillo. Garlic fried shrimp ($13). An extremely simple dish using garlic, salt and olive oil, the shrimps were cooked just right with a certain bounciness to the flesh. An excellent prawn dish.

 Don quijote live clams

Almejas al Vino Blanco. Clams in white wine sauce ($18). There is also a version that uses giant clams, priced at $5 per clam. Again using simple ingredients like white wine reduction and garlic which pairs beautifully with clams, the only problem I had with this dish was that the clams were overcooked. This produced a hint of toughness, as well as shrinking in size  (as seen above) due to protein contraction and moisture loss.

Don quijote whole snapper

El Pescado Entero al Horno. Baked ‘Live’ Whole Snapper ($65). Excellent fresh whole snapper baked with extra virgin olive oil, chillis and sliced garlic. The sliced garlic gives a  subtle, less intense garlic flavour compared to chopped garlic, which compliments the fish’s fresh quality well.

 Don Quijote Boston lobster

Langosta al Horno. ‘Live’ baby Boston lobster ($69). Oven-baked Boston lobster with light cheese and béchamel sauce, also known as white sauce (butter, flour, milk). The cheese and white sauce adds a more creamy dimension to the otherwise expected, sweet flesh of the baby lobster. A sweet and umami combination that works well.

As you’ve probably noticed, this dinner theme has been revolving around using fresh seafood ingredients and good basic flavourings to bring out the natural freshness of the seafood. A different take to the usual Spanish tapas offering to try.

If you like meats like me, you’ll love my last review of Don Quijote Spanish restaurant, introducing a special Meat Lovers menu, including a huge steak. Check out the next part below:

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Expected Damage: $60/pax (this menu feeds 4 people)

Don Quijote Spanish Restaurant: 7 Dempsey Road, #01-02, Singapore 249671 | Website

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