Doodles: DIY Noodles That Make You Want Oodles More

Shaker fries in a bag? Been there done that. What about shaker noodles in a bag?


Doodles is a small noodle kiosk tucked away at the basement of Tiong Bahru plaza. With their bright white and green interior and a toppings bar out in full display, it can be easily mistaken for a generic salad bar but darling, you’re so wrong.


Doodles offers a range of sets and combinations, with the most expensive option – the On-Nom-Nomnivore Set, priced at $6, which is quite a steal for the quality toppings they offer, such as poke-style salmon, prawns and many more.

First of all, customers choose from three different noodle bases, namely angel hair pasta, soba and fusilli.


Then, they choose up to four of their preferred toppings according to the meal set they’ve chosen. With a wide variety of toppings to choose from, including chicken breast poached with thyme, smoked duck, jellyfish, Chinese braised mushrooms, seaweed and edamame, there will always be something for someone, no matter the preferences.


Doodles doesn’t scrimp on the quality of their ingredients and is generous with their servings. By the time your chosen ingredients are added into the bag, the ratio of toppings to noodles is pretty much one-to-one.


Take your pick of dressing from the savoury garlic sauce, fragrant and creamy sesame sauce, tangy onion sauce and spicy chili sauce. The more discerning can opt for the truffle sauce at an extra $1. Spring onions and roasted sesame seeds are added as a finishing touch.

Finally, the last step – shake!


Doodle’s noodles are al dente, after being shocked in cold water to maintain texture. The ingredients are fresh, well-marinated and flavourful. The sesame sauce isn’t overly creamy, and retains a strong, roasted fragrance.

Service at Doodles is friendly and efficient, and their stream of returning customers during peak hours is a testament to their standard and quality.

While their serving sizes could stand to be bigger, considering their generosity with fresh, quality ingredients, Doodles’ prices are still well within reason.

Expected Damage: $6

Doodles: 302 Tiong Bahru Road, #B1-111 Tiong Bahru Plaza, Singapore 168732 | Tel: 6702 4311 | Daily 10.30am – 9.30pm