Eddy Western Delight run by elderly couple with old-school dishes closing end Dec

As 2024 draws ever closer, Singaporeans are gearing up to welcome the upcoming festivities. The jolly vibes and catchy jingles sadly don’t extend to Eddy Western Delight, as this enduring stall with nostalgic, old-school Western fare will be closing end Dec.

Eddy Western Delight closure - Stallfront

Those in the Hougang area may have eaten at least once from this aged stall, easily identifiable from their faded signage. The elderly couple that runs Eddy Western Delight have apparently been at it for a few decades but will be shuttering it because of rent increases.

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Eddy Western Delight closure - Western food collage
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If you’re a fan of Western food from the 90s, you’ll want to give them a visit. Not only do they still provide a small portion of spreadable Lurpak butter, but those baked beans will definitely appeal to your sentimental side.

The portions are likewise similar to what we used to get in the old days, which means every order of the Chicken Cutlet or Fish & Chips at just S$6.50 gives you incredible value for money.

Other dishes you can expect with great portions are Chicken Cutlet Fried Rice (S$6), Beef Steak (S$9.50) and Chicken Chop (S$6.50).

Eddy Western Delight closure - Facebook comments

The Facebook post that alerted us to Eddy Western Delight’s closure has received quite a few comments, many praising and thanking the couple for serving up delicious Western fare all this time.

Given how many stalls have been closing as of late, especially popular ones like South Buona Vista Braised Duck, let’s hope no more local favourites are closing in the coming months (or ever). Hopefully, we will see some solution to the surges in rent.

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Eddy Western Delight

210 Hougang St 21, #01-261, Singapore 530210

Eddy Western Delight

210 Hougang St 21, #01-261, Singapore 530210

Operating Hours: 12pm - 9.30pm (Fri to Wed), Closed on Thu

Operating Hours: 12pm - 9.30pm (Fri to Wed), Closed on Thu