Famous L.A chain Eggslut finally reaches our shores at Scotts Square

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Credit – Eggslut

The rumours are true, and patience is often rewarded with silky and delectable egg sandwiches. Yes, when we got wind of Eggslut’s impending arrival, we were (do not excuse the pun) eggcited, to say the least. After all, what monster doesn’t like egg sandwiches?

Well, if you haven’t seen the glorious pictures on Instagram, Eggslut is exactly what they say they are. A bonafide harlot (respectfully, of course) for eggs. Founded in 2011 as a chef-driven, gourmet food concept, the brand pioneered a new category in the fast-casual dining sector, making eggs appetising all day, every day.

If you didn’t know. Eggslut began life as a food truck that roamed the streets of Los Angeles before setting up a permanent food stall at the historic Grand Central Market in Downtown L.A. in 2013. We do love a rag-to-riches story, especially one that has eggs involved.

Eggslut 2

While we are not sure of the Singapore menu, we can take a cue from their LA store, where they have the classic Bacon, Eggs, and Cheese or the indulgent Fairfax. The latter, which features soft, satiny scrambled eggs, bacon, a liberal lashing of chives and a kick of sriracha.

If not, I’m definitely keeping an eye out for the Gaucho, where you get seared wagyu tri-tip steak, cage-free over medium eggs, then slathered with chimichurri, red onions and dressed arugula encased in a warm brioche bun. Doesn’t that just sound like the best afternoon snack?

Eggslut 3

As the first location in Southeast Asia, I have to say we have great egg-spections, and we hope they are not just yolking around with our hearts. The outlet is set to open later at Scotts Square this year, so you say that we are walking around on eggshells till they finally open their doors. If you ever needed permission to use an obscene amount of egg puns, Eggslut is the place.

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6 Scotts Road, 01-12, Scotts Square,, Singapore 228209., Singapore 228209


6 Scotts Road, 01-12, Scotts Square,, Singapore 228209., Singapore 228209