Fatcat Ice Cream Bar: Singapore Cafe Review

“Atas new kid on the block”

Located along a stretch of barely noticeable shops, this new ice cream bar has given the peaceful neighbourhood a new lease of life. Sweet-toothed foodies might want to pay attention to Fatcat’s dessert menu that changes once every 2-3 weeks. They serve an interesting array of plated desserts which may come with complimentary pre-desserts; known as snacking or amuse-bouche which is normally reserved more for Italian full dining restaurants.

The interior was small, cosy and reminded us of Creamier. Fatcat is a relatively small space with minimal decor, nice lighting and a comfortable ambience.

Fatcat Icecream Bar - Tom Yum Kaffe Leaf

Amuse-bouche: Tom yum granita (with kaffir lime threads). The shaved ice was refreshing and light; the use of tom yum in a dessert was very unique but it surprisingly worked with its sour kick.

mojito jelly sphere

Amuse-bouche: Mojito cocktail sphere (served with grapefruit rind and lime zest). These bite-sized spheres burst in your mouth, leaving you with a shot of delicious mojito to savour.

Fatcat Icecream Bar - Parmesan Chips

Amuse-bouche (for Strawberry Cheesecake main dessert): Carbonated strawberry and grana padano chip. The grana padano chip, or otherwise known as a parmesan cheese chip, was crisp and fragrant. But it strangely reminded us of the prawn crackers (虾饼) you get when ordering ngor hiang (五香) in hawker centres.

Fatcat Icecream Bar - Deconstructed Blackforest Cake2

Chocolate Jardin (Brandy cherry sorbet with fleur de sel, chocolate soil, brown butter powder, brandied chocolate sponge, wood sorrel and blackberries): An interesting myriad of textures and flavours which we really enjoyed. The sorbet had the right amount of tartness to balance the sweetness of the chocolate soil and brandied sponge.

Fatcat’s plated desserts are available in small quantity (i.e. 10-20 plates) each day and are served on a first come first serve basis. The desserts also change daily so you never really know what you’ll get.

*Seth: I was asking for the prices for each dish, but management seems quite adamant about giving a vague reply along the lines of not having ‘exact prices’. It’s the first time I’ve encountered an eatery which can’t give me a price on the items, so perhaps everything is priced based on their mood for the day – be forewarned. There isn’t even a menu. Perhaps Fatcat is trying to market themselves as indie or sophisticated, but it comes off more towards pretentious to me.

Expected damage: $15-20 (??) per pax

Fatcat Ice Cream Bar: Blk 416 Bedok North Avenue 2 #01-25 Singapore 460416 | Tel: 6241 0830 | Website