Fish Soup Paradise: Brewing one of the finest Teochew fish soups using a decade-old family recipe

The Fish Soup Paradise story truly encapsulates the phrase “a parent’s love for their child.” Owners Jerry and Fei started their fish soup business in 2020, inspired by their 9-year-old daughter’s love for their fish soup.

Created using a family recipe that has been passed down for decades, this fish soup exclusively incorporates natural ingredients, completely avoiding MSG and salt. The soup undergoes a meticulous 6-hour slow-brewing procedure, during which the fish bones are gently infused to produce a creamy, nutrient-rich broth.

fish soup paradise - stall with customers

These 3 years, Jerry and Fei have made remarkable strides, now overseeing 3 outlets and even their own food factory; a true power couple in action!

fish soup paradise - stall front

My makan companions and I headed down to their branch at the basement of Republic Plaza at 11.30am, and there was already a decent-sized crowd dining inside the premises.

What I tried at Fish Soup Paradise

As a fish soup enthusiast who consumes this dish at least once a week, I had high expectations as I eagerly indulged in my inaugural  bowl— the Dual Fish Soup (S$10.50).

fish soup paradise - dual fish soup

The slightly milky broth had a mixture of fried and boiled batang fish slices, green veggies and cherry tomatoes doused inside, and generously garnished with a sprinkling of fried egg shreds.

For a heartier meal to sustain you through the afternoon, you can consider adding Rice or Noodles with options like Thin Bee Hoon, Ee Mian, or Mee Sua (+S$0.50).

fish soup paradise - soup closeup

Upon sipping on my first spoonful of broth, I instantly understood why the restaurant was swamped with the CBD lunch crowd. The taste was naturally sweet and gently creamy, with the distilled essence of the fish fully extracted to a point akin to an elixir.

They also added Chinese wine, which seamlessly elevated the broth’s appeal rather than overpower the overall taste; I was thoroughly impressed and brimming with excitement for what was to come!

fish soup paradise - steamed fish closeup

The flesh of the batang fish was incredibly firm, almost mimicking the texture of meat. Its freshness mirrored that of a fish caught just moments ago, promptly prepared and served in the kitchen.

fish soup paradise - fried fish closeup

One might expect fried versions to be drier and tougher, but Fish Soup Paradise defied that notion. The fried fish renditions matched the boiled ones in terms of tenderness and texture.

fish soup paradise - ingredients closeup

The green veggies and cherry tomatoes both contributed to adding interesting elements to the comforting bowl of soup; the vegetables provided a satisfying and addictive crunch, while the cherry tomatoes gave bursts of much-needed acidity.

Let’s not overlook the crispy fried egg shreds; a sinful but necessary addition that elevates the deliciousness several notches

fish soup paradise - tom yum soup

For something more bold and exhilarating for your taste buds, the Tom Yum Seafood Soup (S$13) is a must-try. There were a couple of prawns, fish slices, sotong ball, la la, green vegetables and cherry tomatoes immersed in the rich, orange-hued broth.

fish soup paradise - tom yum soup ingredients

Seafood aficionados will certainly love the scrumptious pieces of clams and sweet prawns which fully absorbed the robust spices of the tom yum.

fish soup paradise - tom yum soup closeup

Call me biased, but the broth itself was my favourite kind. I’ve consistently leaned towards the creamy version over the clear one. Each sip only intensified my craving for more. It had all the characteristics of a good bowl of tom yum; savoury, sour and not overly spicy.

Before we knew it, the bowl was almost empty with the 3 of us slurping the soup shamelessly, giving nods of approval over how much we enjoyed it.

fish soup paradise - fish closeup

While you’re there, don’t forget to help yourself to the chilli dip and sliced chilli steeped in soya sauce. I highly-recommend the former, which added a touch of heat followed by an impactful wave of tanginess that enlivened my senses. You can dunk your fish slices, seafood or anything else you fancy.

fish soup paradise - soup pack
Credit – Fish Soup Paradise

If you’re envisioning creating delightful dishes with their incredible fish broth at home, why not turn that dream into reality? How? By purchasing the Homecook Pack 500ml (Starting from $5 each) by Fish Soup Paradise.

fish soup paradise - instant broth

Besides their exceptional Premium Batang Fish Broth, there is a whole range of other flavours such as Prawn Broth, Teochew Bak Kut Teh and Tom Yum; simply take your pick.

All their broths are brewed for over 6 hours in their very own SFA Licensed Food Factory in Singapore, adhering to the highest standards in food hygiene and safety. Using the state of the art technology, they have produced the first shelf stable fish soup pack in Singapore, preserving the flavours, nutrients and also the shelf life.

fish soup paradise - machine sealed
Credit – Fish Soup Paradise

This is an important milestone as their fish soup pack can now be safely kept at ambient conditions for 1 year. Fish Soup Paradise also obtained the Healthier Choice Symbol for their Premium Fish Broth and Giant Grouper Collagen which is lower in sodium and saturated fats.

This fish soup is the No.1 choice for mommies and families to cook up a healthier and nutritious meal, flavourful without using msg or preservatives. And all their products do not contain pork or lard.

Final thoughts

Jerry and Fei unquestionably possess the innate gift of crafting exceptional broths. While fish soup is available at every nook and cranny of our local food scene, achieving the perfect flavour and balance is an entirely different challenge.

Following my experience at Fish Soup Paradise, I can confidently affirm that they offer one of the most flavourful fish broths in Singapore.

Do drop by at any of their outlets to taste the impeccable quality and difference of their liquid velvet; pardon me… I mean, fish soup.

Expected damage: S$7.50 – S$13 per pax


  • 30 Raffles Place, CIMB Plaza #B1-02 Singapore 048622
  • 9 Raffles Place, Republic Plaza #B1-07 Singapore 048619

* This post was brought to you in partnership with Fish Soup Paradise.