Flying Pig, Golden Mile Complex: A compelling bowl of fiery Tom Yum Kung

Yes, I understand—humans have different likings, and a dish that one fancies might not exactly suit another’s palate. This particular sentiment resonated strongly as I stared at my plate of half-eaten Crab Omelette Rice at Flying Pig. Like most Singaporeans, I was excited to try their dishes when I heard rave reviews in several other publications. But thinking back, I wonder why I, a food writer of a publication with a monthly readership of more than 2 million, fell into the lures of publicity.

Exterior picture of flying pig store front

Made famous by their affordable S$10 Crab Omelette Rice, Flying Pig is the new kid on the block situated on the first level of the iconic Golden Mile Complex. Easily identifiable by its slew of customers and snaking queue especially during lunch and dinner, the eatery boasts a casual vibe with no fancy furnishings—just a grey-washed wall featuring an array of colourful retro enamel wares that set it apart from its neighbouring Thai restaurants

What I tried

My dining partner and I got a seat after a gruelling 45-minute wait. During this period, I finally realised the reason for Flying Pig’s never-ending queue. Together with its growing popularity, turnover seemed to be on the slower side, with an average waiting time of 20 to 25 minutes just for the food to arrive at your table. 

As the saying goes, “Good food is worth the wait”. And wait, you will. 

A plate of crab meat omelette rice from Flying Pig

What better way than to kick start my meal than with the Flying Pig’s acclaimed Crab Omelette Rice (S$10)? Indeed, just like what many diners depicted it to be, this dish is a work of art on its own. 

Just look at the fluffy, semi-runny omelette and the generous chunks of crab meat! The visuals of this dish alone got me salivating like a dog, not to mention the alluring fragrance smelled just as enticing as it looked. With both these aspects ticked, all it needed was a taste test. 

A spoonful of omelette and rice

As much as I would love to sing praises for the Crab Omelette Rice, the omelette tasted too rich for my liking. After a while, its buttery aftertaste overpowered the sweetness of the crabmeat and the subtle wok hei of the fried rice, resulting in a half-eaten plate of Crab Omelette Rice which I struggled to finish.

While I understand certain diners swearing by this dish at Flying Pig, it failed to make its way into my top spot as I prefer to relish in the natural flavours of my seafood. Holding back on the butter would probably create a more wholesome dish that encompasses the best of both worlds—fragrance and flavour. 

A bowl of dry beef noodles

Dry Beef Noodles (S$7) has always been my must-order whenever I visit Thai restaurants, and at Flying Pig, it’s no exception. Whilst most places deprive you of the option of selecting your noodle, you will have the liberty to choose between rice noodles, glass noodles, egg noodles or mama noodles here. Naturally, I went for the mama noodles. I mean, we all love our maggie, don’t we?

A piece of beef shank

The beef shanks, tendons, and beef balls crowned the pile of satisfyingly springy maggie noodles. Sliced into chunky bite-sized pieces, the beef shank was slow-braised in savoury soy-based gravy till meltingly tender. The noodles tossed in lard-kissed sauce contrasted to the decadent bites of beef shanks and tendons. 

For a taste of true Thai flavours, add a dollop of chilli oil to your Dry Beef Noodles and give it a good stir. The mixture of chillies perfectly balances the saltiness and sweetness, bringing the whole bowl of beefy bliss to life.

A plate of fried Kang kong

Whilst the Fried Kang Kong (S$6) was a never-go-wrong option that added a little bit of green and health to our carbohydrate-laden meal at Flying Pig, it was their Tom Yum Kung (S$12) that won my heart and made this trip a worthy one. 

A bowl of tom yum kung

Finally, a bright fiery bowl of Tom Yum Kung that is so compelling and authentic it made me realise I no longer have to cross borders for my tom yum fix. Bobbing in this profoundly flavoured soup were fresh prawns together with an array of vegetables and mushrooms which accentuated the spicy and sour loveliness of the lime leaf-scented broth. 

A piece of prawn

Despite the thrilling heat, I was going back non-stop for more. By the time I reached my last sip, my tastebuds were tingling, my heart was beating worryingly fast, my lips were as thick as a sausage, but my heart was full. 

Final thoughts

I visited Flying Pig expecting to be blown away by their Crab Omelette Rice but left even more satisfied by the authentic flavours of their Tom Yum Kung. Our perception of taste and flavour is often subjective, so instead of just sticking to recommended options, why not venture out of your comfort zone to try a less-raved dish for change? 

You will never know when you will unveil a gem of your own!

Expected Damage: S$7 – S$15 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 3 / 5

Flying Pig

5001 Beach Road, Golden Mile Complex, #01-39, Singapore 199588

Our Rating 3/5

Flying Pig

5001 Beach Road, Golden Mile Complex, #01-39, Singapore 199588

Telephone: +65 8818 0139
Operating Hours: 12pm - 3pm & 5pm - 10.30pm (Wed to Mon) Closed on Tue
Telephone: +65 8818 0139

Operating Hours: 12pm - 3pm & 5pm - 10.30pm (Wed to Mon) Closed on Tue