If you’re looking to elevate your marketing skills specifically in F&B, here’s the page for you. After years of exploration, I’ve written loads of articles on marketing and for the food industry, so here’s a summarized resource page for you to easily access.

Setting up an F&B business:

How to start up a restaurant or F&B business in Singapore

Taking over an F&B business

How To Create A Good Unique Selling Proposition

10 Things to know before starting a F&B business

How to start a food blog

6 Reasons you will suck as a food entrepreneur

Naming your Business: 4 Killer Tips


Food and Restaurant Marketing System by Seth Lui

Management Tips:

6 Rules Every F&B Manager Needs To Understand

How To Email Busy People for a Favour

Prioritize and Simplify Tasks for Less Stress

Leasing Tips:

Guide to Leasing a Retail Outlet

Rental Rates in a Singapore Shopping Mall

Creating an affordable DIY website for your business:

How to create your blog or website in 4 minutes

Gaining Customer Awareness:

Facebook marketing Ad mistakes that businesses make

Why restaurants should use food bloggers

Crafting a direct marketing ad that sells

Why social media for small businesses

Customer Retention:

3 Tips To Improve Customer Service Recovery

Building your customer list

Maximizing your customer list

Number 1 Mistake of Business Owners

F&B Interviews:

Chef Ian Curley ( The European Group)