Top 10 Places For Pancakes In SG For When You Want To Get Jiggly With It

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Where do you often head to when you think of pancakes? The most popular answer will probably be McDonald’s. How about an alternative to the fast food chain?

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I decided to compile a list of the top 10 hottest pancake hotspots in Singapore, focusing specifically on sweet pancakes. At the end of this, I hope it leaves you feeling all fluffy and happy! Now, in no particular order, let’s dig in!

1. fluffstack

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fluffstack is located at Suntec City and serves up fluffy soufflé pancakes with a variety of toppings, like gula melaka boba pearls, mango and passion fruit compote, strawberry coulis, and raspberry dust with chantilly cream from S$8.80.


The Classic Soufflé Pancakes (S$8.8o) is served with honey butter, maple syrup and chantilly cream. I really liked the balance of flavours in the Classic Soufflé Pancakes—there was that caramel sweetness from the maple syrup and the chantilly cream was savoury and salty. Delicious!

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2. Antoinette

Antoinette New Menu 1

Light, soft, fluffy and jiggly, these are not only Instagrammable but taste as good as they look too. When I realised Antoinette had revamped their menu with delicious soufflé pancakes, decadent cakes and French-inspired mains, I was all for trying them out.

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Tres Berries (S$16++), were two fluffy pancakes paired with vanilla chantilly cream, fresh berries and honey maple syrup. This was a classic pairing that would never go wrong. I loved how the fluffy and airy pancakes went perfectly with the cream. The berries also added a touch of tanginess to balance out the flavours with the sweet syrup.

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3. Eggs ‘n Things

Eggs N Things 11

Now, we have a Hawaiian export in the heart of Dhoby Ghaut called Eggs ‘n Things, making it the first outlet outside of Hawaii and Japan.

Eggs N Things 9

I heard good things about this cafe, and I was looking forward to the pancakes. When it arrived, it was a sight to behold. The Fresh Strawberry, Whipped Cream And Macadamia Nuts Pancakes ($19.90) were super fluffy and pillowy soft, and I definitely appreciated that the tower of whipped cream wasn’t overly sweet.

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4. habitat by honestbee

Habitat By Honestbee 12

Ever wondered what life would be like if robots took over the world? Fortunately, science has not quite reached that level of complexity yet. But the new tech-enabled supermarket habitat by honestbee certainly points us one step in that direction.

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Dig into Poofy’s cloud-like Soufflé Pancakes (S$14) that is served with a side of chantilly cream, maple syrup and fresh berries. My suggestion? Enjoy this dish while it is hot, but even if it is cold, you are not missing out on flavour. The pancakes inch towards the eggier side on the pancake scale, but if you are a big fan of it, do give habitat by honestbee a try!

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5. Clinton St Baking Co.

Hailing all the way from New York, the Clinton Street Baking Company & Restaurant now has an outlet in Singapore to give us a taste of an authentic NYC brunch experience. Trust me, sometimes it’s good to trade up kaya toast for a stack of blueberry pancakes (and I mean for breakfast, lunch or dinner).

The highly-lauded Pancakes With Warm Maple Butter ($19) had me salivating from the get-go. It comes with a topping choice of either blueberries, banana walnuts or chocolate chunks. We had ours the classic way, with a topping of the blueberry sauce.

Dig into it when it’s hot to savour the caramel taste of the warm maple butter, tanginess of the blueberry sauce and fluffiness of the buttery pancakes all at once. 

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6. Two Bakers

Two Bakers-3

Two Bakers is an artisanal cafe and patisserie located on Horne Road, close to Jalan Besar. Its interior is pretty standard like most cafes in Singapore, but the food served is definitely above average.

Two Bakers-6

When the Pandan Hotcakes ($9.80) arrived, I was immediately won over by the presentation. Three Japanese-style hotcakes were stacked upon one another with a generous heap of desiccated coconut on top. Slices of strawberries and bananas also adorned the stack, sitting in gula melaka.

The pancakes were dense and moist, just the way I like them. The desiccated coconut was moist and slightly crunchy, providing an interesting texture when eaten with the hotcakes. The hotcakes were not too sweet, allowing the gula melaka and fruits to provide the sweetness.

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7. Belle-Ville Pancakes

Belle Ville 2

Belle-Ville Pancake Café from Osaka has reached the shores of Singapore. Located at Bugis Junction, this is the first branch that’s outside of Japan.

Belle-Ville Pancake Café had a seating capacity of no more than 30 customers, with the wooden interior and vibrant furniture created a rather cosy vibe. We loved how the natural lighting lit up the entire café, thanks to the all-glass design. Once we entered the pancake café, we were greeted by the sweet aroma of pancakes.

Belle Ville 9 2

Enjoy the classic Millefeuille Pancake ($7.90/four pieces, $11.90/eight pieces), or another of my favourite, The Strawberry & Mixed Berry Pancake ($11.90/two pieces, $14.40/four pieces).

As the staff placed the Millefeuille Pancake on the table, it jiggled for a bit, resulting in a burst of excitement as we whipped out our phones to take a Boomerang of it—it’s all for the ‘gram.

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8. Tolido’s Espresso Nook

Tolido's Espresso Nook (3)

Tolido’s Espresso Nook breaks the norm of sub-par, overdone brunch offerings and forgettable coffee.

Tolido's Espresso Nook (6)

Adding on to the Pandan Pancakes (S$11) trend, we have a beautiful stack of fluffy pancakes. The pancakes already humming with the sweet fragrance of pandan, the gula melaka syrup and vanilla ice cream turn the dish into a harmonious symphony. Created for Singapore’s 50th birthday, the pandan pancakes have since become a permanent resident on Tolido’s menu.

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9. Hoshino Coffee

Hoshino Coffee

You can’t say no to Hoshino! Hoshino Coffee is a Japanese-Fusion restaurant from Japan, of which Singapore is the first country outside of Japan where they set up an overseas outlet.

Hoshino Coffee 2

Dig into their Double Pancake Soufflé Style (S$12) with either a choice of honey or maple syrup. I opted for the honey option, which paired excellently with the pancakes. Fluffy and thick, these pancakes are worth the 20 minutes wait. It did not have the egg aftertaste that I expected in a soufflé pancake, which was a pleasant surprise. Give this a try if you are craving Japanese pancakes in town!

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10. Oriole Coffee & Bar

Oriole Coffee

Oriole Coffee is a cafe by day and a bar by night.

Oriole Coffee 2

A special breakfast item is the Espresso Hotcakes (S$14), which boasts a very unique ingredient—homemade whipped espresso orange butter. Like any other sweet pancakes, the plate is garnished with fruits and maple syrup. But the true icing on the cake is definitely the espresso orange butter.

The combination of the bitter espresso and the tanginess of the orange elevates the entire dish. This is definitely a sweet treat!

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There you go, the top 10 places in Singapore to have your sweet pancake fix! You can also easily save and view this list of places on TripAdvisor here. My ultimate favourite has got to be fluffstack. Do you agree with my list?