Food & Restaurant Marketing System: Create a Profitable restaurant

Attract more customers than you can handle, and increase your restaurant profits in half the time.

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Do you have good food, good service but not enough customers? If this is your situation, you’ll want to read on.

As a retail or restaurant owner, the biggest concern is not being sure what your sales will be each month. Many restaurant owners constantly wonder whether people are going to walk into their restaurant, or is it going to be another slow, empty night that you can close early. Like many retail business owners, you spend sleepless nights thinking whether you can pay the rent, pay your suppliers, pay your employees or even pay YOURSELF.

Every month when you look at the accounts book, you panic and desperately try a new promotion. A new product. Any change that you think would improve your business. You have tried tens or even hundreds of different tactics that just did not work.

You always think aloud “hey, my food and product is so much better than the competition, why are customers going for the inferior option instead?”

The smell of restaurant death that looms ever so slowly closer to the final day you can no longer afford to pay the overheads and are forced to shut down for good.

Does this describe your situation? Maybe you’ve felt something similar before.

Are you just tired of stressing over lack of customers, and want to be like the restaurant a few units down with the constant queue of patrons, even though you deserve this queue much more than your competitor with the shitty food and service.

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Having a consistent stream of buyers

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a business that would attract customers automatically. Customers that walk up to your outlet that you know straight away just by looking at their expression, is going to be a paying customer.

How good would it feel to be able to tell customers that the  waiting time is an hour, because your restaurant or retail shop is just too packed?

In this ideal world, you know that the gross turnover this month is going to be profitable and you can finally have peace of mind. A brand that you can be proud to show off with customers elbow to elbow dining happily.

Perhaps even consider opening another outlet. How great would it feel to be in this position?

What you really need is a proven and specialized marketing system for food and retail

As you might have noticed, it’s not the best food or service that gets the most customers. What successful companies have, is a set system of attracting customers to their establishment. This system guarantees to deliver measurable returns and to keep customers coming back repeatedly.

FARMS: A Food and Restaurant Marketing System that works

I used to be just like you when I started as an entrepreneur in the food and retail industry back in 2010- Low on marketing budget and no name to my brand. But I firmly believed that I had a good product and it constantly confused me why people were flocking to the competition. Sales were low and every single day was a mental and financial struggle. Frustration was an understatement. I tried every solution I could think of to salvage the situation and even had to close down my first outlet.

Then I finally found the answer after looking high and low: Direct-response marketingthe single most effective marketing strategy any one can use to directly boost your sales and keep it there. After shifting to my second outlet and implementing this system, everything changed. Sales went up and my stress wrinkles turned to smile lines.

The thing is, although direct response marketing was widely covered over the web, there were only bits and pieces that were relevant to my industry and business. I had to dig through tons of data and extract only the most useful and effective pieces to tailor make my marketing system. After a whole year of reading, field testing and organizing did I finally manage to create the perfect marketing system for food and retail business owners.

Warning: don’t get FARMS if you are just expecting an instant, quick fix pill.

– This is not a get rich quick scheme

– This does not cost a lot of money and time

– This does not mean you don’t have to work on your business any more

– This is not for unmotivated people who are unwilling to put in continuous effort

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Some of the mass media my business has been featured on:

BW media features


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On Channel News Asia talking about F&B marketing.

Using the marketing techniques and systems I’m about to share, my business has been featured positively on major magazines, newspapers as well as online lifestyle and food blogs. Social media is also abuzz with my brand.

Using my Food Marketing System set of marketing techniques and systems, as well as the philosophies talked about here, you can easily learn to become a better business person and generate great profits from the long hours you have spent thinking and working on your business. No longer be blackmailed to spend thousands on ‘consultants’ or advertising agencies to do the marketing for you. The thousands of hours spent trial and testing campaigns have all been condensed for you into a couple of hours reading.

Apply the practical examples and tested templates to create customized marketing promotions for your business that bring in real results. One of my online promotions generated an extra $10,526.64 in sales in just 1 month, on top of regular gross sales.

Restaurant marketing sales increase

Question: “Does it work for MY business?”

If you’re thinking that “my business is different”, consider this:

Do you go out and promote your products to reach more potentials?

Do you need regular, repeat customers?

Do you handle any customer relationship problems and feedbacks?

Do you decide your pricing and how to improve your product?

If you are in the food or restaurant business, online or offline, FARMS will work for you. Retail consumer psychology is the same throughout any product, and can be marketed in the precise same method as long as you know the working techniques. Why people create systems and templates is because it works by just replacing the subject with your own choosing.

Question: “Is it worth the money?”

For just $39.90 SGD in investment, if any 1 recommended promotion in FARMS can work for you, you stand to profit at least $839 with 1 campaign. That’s a 2806% Return on Investment for putting in $39.90. If you’re a businessperson, you need to understand that what makes you rich is what generates value more than what you spent.

“Sounds great, I’ll get it tomorrow!”

Everyday you wait, is another day where hundreds of dollars are lost, because of the money you could have made. After a month, you could be losing thousands.

Has your business and life always been in this cycle of ‘tomorrow’? When tomorrow comes, there will be another tomorrow, and another, and another. When do you stop and just commit to change? The answer is now. You need to decide now to just change your business pattern.

Take action right now, not tomorrow, not even 5 minutes later. True change leaders will do whatever it takes at any moment, to sacrifice what they are, for what they will become.

Finally get consistent sales and peace of mind that every food and retail business owner deserves. You must give it a read even if it’s for the fundamental marketing philosophies.

Are you going to bring your food business to the next level right now?

“Very detailed report. Your marketing strategy guide will be my new bible!”

-Luke, Director, Chicken Up Korean Restaurant

“There is value in food marketing especially if it‘s targeted at entrepreneurs in the area of marketing, and there can definitely be improvements for the industry to understand how to reach out to customers and for business success.”

-Kerryn Chan, CEO, Restaurant Association of Singapore

 Are you ready to reach more customers at a lower budget?

 Would you like to learn up-to-date marketing techniques that successful restauranteurs are using?

 And finally, do you want to create wealth for your F&B business with a fresh new mindset?

FARMS, a Food Marketing system designed just for you, the small business owner in food and retail sector. Get the eBook system now for just S$39.90:Orange Buynow Pic

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