Morton’s Steakhouse Singapore: Amongst The Best Steaks & Service

 Crème de la Crème of Beef steaks in Singapore.

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The classic name in steaks, Morton’s Steakhouse Singapore has over 10 years of establishment locally. It’s international fame as an American steakhouse is even more renown.

I think it’s every steak lover’s dream to finally have a taste of Morton’s, and I really count my blessings to give it a go at their quality steaks. And trust me, I’m a big steak aficionado.

My goal in life is to scour Singapore for the best steaks; I’m no stranger to delicious cows and Morton’s sits at the top of my list.

Morton’s Happy Hour (Mortini Night)

mortons steakhouse singapore mortini hour

Start off your evening right at Morton’s bar for drinks. Prior to this session, I’ve been to Morton’s happy hour myself. So why is it so packed with young corporate executives at 6pm on a Tuesday? Morton’s calls it Mortini night and it’s basically happy hour. Very happy hour. From 5 – 7 pm every Monday – Saturday (they’ve extended happy hour days), Morton’s Martini cocktails are going for $15.95  each. AND there are complimentary Filet Mignon steak sandwiches being served to every guest.

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Wait a minute you say. $15.95 doesn’t really sound like a discount does it? Hold up and let me tell you why it’s a steal – Morton’s Mortinis contain 3 oz shots of gin/vodka in each huge ass martini glass. Normal cocktails have only 1 shot. If you’re here for the first time, it’s really easy to get buzzed before you even know it. The martinis are nothing fancy, using house liquors but served up in huge quantities. The Appletini rimmed with cinnamon is really good for the ladies.

mortons steakhouse singapore mortini hour steak sandwich

Free flow tender Filet Mignon steak sandwiches are also one of the big draws here, but don’t get too excited just yet. Due to overwhelming response during this period, these babies get snapped up really fast.

Also, the frequency of sandwiches coming out can be quite irregular around once every half hour, so keep your eyes sharp. When 1 wave of sandwiches comes through the door, aggressively summon the server if you want some. I highly advise coming early around 5.30pm if you don’t want to miss out on the optimal ratio of drinks to steak sandwiches in buttered bread.

mortons steakhouse singapore restaurant

After drinks, proceed to the newly refurbished Morton’s steakhouse dining restaurant below. We were seated in a round circular booth, which was a little tight to get into, but the servers would shift out the entire table for you to get in.

The interior fixtures are an updated, contemporary American steakhouse: heavy steak knives (I love these), white table clothes, leather upholstery, sharply-dressed waiters and ‘romantic’ lights. Servers are attentive and are generally designated to one section so you get familiar with who’s in charge of your orders.

Morton’s Steakhouse Singapore uses primarily USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Prime Black Angus, grain-fed, wet aged beef. Less than 2% of beef produced in the US can be classified Prime, based on the highest quality fat marbling and tenderness in this class. Grain fed beefs also produce fattier meats than grass fed bovine.

The Black Angus breed of cows has the highest marbling content for an American breed, short of cross breeds with Wagyu. Wet ageing is to typically seal the beef in a vacuum tight bag then refrigerated for days to retain it’s moisture. This method of ageing doesn’t taste as flavourful as dry aged beef, but still does help in enhancing flavours and also takes less time.

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Morton’s also offers a great selection of wines, which you can pair accordingly to the dishes incoming. For the steaks, I’d definitely recommend a heavier red to compliment the immense fats like a Malbec or Shiraz.

mortons steakhouse singapore prime ocean platter baked

Morton’s Prime Ocean Platter, Chilled/ Baked ($85/$171/$255)

One of the things people overlook at Morton’s is the seafood. Other than having great steaks, the seafood here is really fresh.

The baked platter comes with Sea Scallops Wrapped in Bacon, Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, Oysters Rockefeller, Jumbo Shrimp Alexander. These delicious classics made for a great starter.

Morton's chilled seafood platter

I’ve tried the chilled platter previously and it definitely didn’t disappoint with its oceanic freshness – you won’t go wrong with either choices.

mortons steakhouse singapore lobster bisque

Lobster Bisque ($36). We split the soup into a smaller bowl for sharing, so its actually bigger than it looks. It takes 3 days to boil and prepare the lobster shells to create this lobster bisque. Very smooth, subtle and slightly smoked.

Morton's steakhouse singapore filet mignon

HOHO, now the party gets started. Center Cut Filet Mignon ($80/$90/$99). You have size choices of 6/8/12 oz depending on whether you’re a little girl or a grizzly bear. The Filet Mignon is the leanest cut taken from the short end of the tenderloin. It’s the muscle of the entire cow that is pretty much least used for anything, thus it’s mucho tender and was extremely soft.

This cut however, typically lacks marbling fats as you can see in the picture, so it’s served with bacon occasionally to render some fats and flavour. Morton’s Filet Mignon is extremely supple and delicate, perfect for girls who want to watch their weight yet experience a soft steak.

Every steak ordered tonight is cooked medium rare. As a rule, any steak more than medium is a total waste because the fats, juices and flavours are fried to oblivion. A crappy steak and premium steak will taste no different when cooked to well-done, tasting pretty much like shoe leather. So never ever go well-done, or the chefs inside will be shaking their heads.

mortons steakhouse singapore ribeye steak

Center Cut Prime Ribeye ($99.5). I’m a steak purist and prefer my meat without adulteration. However, I also tried the Cajun Ribeye Steak ($102) which added an extra kick of paprika to spice up the steak. The cajun rubbed steak is marinated for 60 hours for a very balanced yet distinct flavour.

Morton’s ribeye is immensely flavourful due to the fats within the prime meat. Every bite of this 454g beauty creates more excitement as there is a change in rhythm.

The Filet Mignon tends to get a bit expected after a few bites, as the meat is very consistent and lean. The ribeye allows more play with flavours and changes in texture between meat, fats and the slight charred lines. Highly recommended on any visit.

mortons singapore-8881

Shrimp Scampi Capellini ($87)

There’s a subtle sweetness from the seafood stock used, but pasta was a tad dry, really. Although pasta portion was of course generous, its not on my priority choice given the hefty price; I’d rather just get the well-known steaks.

Morton's steakhouse singapore Legendary Chocolate cake

My tummy expanded to make some space for this. Morton’s Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake ($30). This was extremely decadent and sinful. Sweet, chocolatey and definitely not for anyone watching their weight. Cutting into it results in the chocolate lava oozing out, but do it fast upon arrival if not the chocolate cools and solidifies inside. This was truly legendary.

mortons steakhouse singapore key lime pie

Key Lime Pie ($23)

Extremely tart and refreshing, the key lime pie is a great alternative to the molten lava cake if you don’t want to get bogged down by all the heaviness from the meal.

Morton’s promise is to serve huge macho, hearty dishes with pleasant service. Prices are steep, but there is no way you will leave hungry. Business gets quite busy especially during nights, but their amiable servers seem well-trained enough to handle it. Many of the staff at Morton’s have worked for years and are very experienced, hospitable people.

Morton’s does steak right and service was pretty much impeccable.

Expected Damage: $200-$250/pax

Morton’s Steakhouse Singapore: 5 Raffles Ave, Mandarin Oriental Hotel (level 4), Singapore 039797 | Tel: 6339 3740 | Website

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