foodpanda offers limited edition pink dishes in lieu of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

1 October 2021 means that we’ve gotten through three quarters of 2021. Yup, you heard me right. Before you know it, we’ll be counting down to a brand new year. While October signifies the beginning of our last quarter, it also is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and foodpanda is helping to spread awareness through the introduction of limited edition pink dishes.

a collage of pink dishes
Credit – foodpanda

In their support for Breast Cancer Foundation, foodpanda has partnered up with three restaurants for the month of October, namely Clan 7, COLLIN’S, and Saveur Thai. As part of this collaboration, all three restaurants will offer limited-edition pink dishes, and S$1 from every purchase of these pink dishes on the foodpanda platform will be donated to Breast Cancer Foundation.

pink dishes from clan 7
Credit – foodpanda

The first of three pink dishes is Clan 7’s Wok-fried Scallop with Beetroot, Capsicum, and Asparagus (S$39)—An innovative rendition of zi-char that features fragrant wok-fried scallops, topped with tangy beetroot glaze and served alongside gold capsicum and fresh asparagus.

pink dishes from collin's
Credit – foodpanda

COLLIN’S will be offering a Grilled Chicken Salad (S$10.80) as the second dish in the lineup—expect a healthy chicken salad served atop a bed of chopped romaine, with freshly diced strawberries, refreshing green apples, and topped with creamy beetroot yoghurt dressing. It’ll be a good choice if you’re on a healthy streak; now you can eat good, and do good at the same time.

pink dishes from saveur thai
Credit – foodpanda

The final of three pink dishes available on foodpanda’s website is Saveur Thai’s Thai Yen Ta Fo (S$10.90). Customers can expect a hearty meal of Thai rice noodles topped with a variety of seafood such as squid, prawns, and wantons. This is complemented with a light broth flavoured with sweet fermented red rice, and is guaranteed to fill you up.

Foodpanda Self Care Kit
Credit – foodpanda

In addition to the pink dishes, foodpanda is also raising awareness through these pink self-care kits that you can stand a chance to win by participating in giveaways, which will be hosted on social media.

Each kit includes a limited edition range of items including tumblers, masks, and metal straws, all of which will be in the signature pink shade signature to foodpanda and breast cancer awareness. foodpanda will also be sharing more on the importance of breast self-examination, self-care, as well as debunking myths about breast cancer.

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