Do Your Part to Reduce Plastic Waste With Foodpanda’s New Reusable Container Subscription System

Since the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, having food delivered at one’s doorstep has become a new normal for many in Singapore. It is no secret that food delivery services make our life very much more convenient during this period of time since we no longer have to leave our homes.

However, there is a price for this new convenience and it comes in the form of excessive waste. A recent study found that the increase of plastic waste collected throughout the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period alone was equivalent to the weight of four fully-loaded Boeing 747 aircraft!

Foodpanda Lunch Box
Credit – Foodpanda SG

In hopes to reduce the amount of plastic waste used in food deliveries, Foodpanda has partnered with barePack to provide more sustainable packing alternatives. It’s the world’s first reusable service for zero-waste reusable container subscription system, and Foodpanda hopes to bring customers their food in reusable containers.

You can now support this initiative at nine of Foodpanda’s participating partners including Dosirak (OUE Downtown), Dosirak (Somerset), Shake Farm HQ (Telok Ayer) and Kopifellas Express (Beauty World).

This service is available for Foodpanda customers who subscribe to barePack and choose to have their food picked-up or delivered at participating restaurants. While making your order on the Foodpanda app, you can use the ‘BAREPACK’ code to request for your orders to be prepared in reusable barePack containers. After your meal, customers can follow the instructions on the barePack app for dropping off the containers.
Currently, in its pilot phase, Foodpanda targets to onboard 20% of all F&B partners on the app by the end of 2020. In addition, Foodpanda users can enjoy 50% off their barePack subscription
for the first month using code ‘FP50’. If you would like to find out more, do check out their website for more details.

Every small effort can add up to significant results. While we’re inundating and drowning the planet with our single-use plastic containers from our food delivery orders, we as consumers can also make a difference and make more sustainable choices!

Dates & Times: Foodpanda users can enjoy 50% off their barePack subscription for the first month using code ‘FP50’

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