Good Stuff! VivoCity: Handcrafted Yong Tau Foo with Malaysian-style curry & collagen-rich fish soup

Most traditional yong tau foo spots in Singapore offer dry or anchovy with soya bean-based soup options. These days, some stalls even serve it with laksa, but have you ever tried it with Malaysian-style curry or collagen-rich fish soup? If you haven’t, Good Stuff! VivoCity‘s Food Republic specialises in such unique varieties and of course, we went down to give it a try.

good stuff vivo - stall front

good stuff vivo - ytf making

Every day, the Good Stuff! team meticulously handcrafts 11 distinct pieces of yong tau foo piece-by-piece, following a cherished family recipe handed down generations. They freshly prepare their curry using a variety of spices and curry leaves.

good stuff vivo - fish bones

Meanwhile, the fish soup undergoes a meticulous 3-hour boiling and simmering process, starting with flash-fried fish bones and later incorporating ingredients such as chicken feet and ginger.

good stuff ytf vivo - soup closeup

This method extracts gelatin and fat, resulting in a naturally creamy-looking fish broth brimming with collagen.

What I tried at Good Stuff! VivoCity

good stuff vivo - combo set soup

We got the ball rolling with the Combo Set (Soup) for S$12.80, consisting of a bowl of bee hoon filled with money cai and a piece of beancurd submerged in the milky fish broth, served together with 2 mini platters of assorted yong tau foo.

good stuff vivo - fish soup upclose

The fish broth, rich and creamy with subtle hints of ginger, mingled perfectly with the fine strands of bee hoon as I slurped them together. It reminded me of a luxurious bowl of fish soup.

good stuff vivo - beancurd glaze

The first platter had beancurd skin, tau kwa and a fish cake served with a drizzle of tau cheo (fermented soybeans) glaze. This additional shiny brown condiment is a rarity at yong tau foo establishments these days and adds an additional layer of savouriness.

good stuff vivo - okra closeup

The second plate contained fried fishcake, bitter gourd, eggplant and a whole okra. The lady’s finger wasn’t fibrous but soft, yet still managed to maintain a slight crunch that yielded a silky fish filling.

good stuff vivo - eggplant closeup

Being an aubergine lover, the fried eggplant was right up my alley. It featured a crispy paper-thin layer, revealing silky insides that, when paired with the toothsome and juicy stuffing, delivered an absolute treat.

good stuff vivo - curry chee cheong fun

good stuff vivo - curry chee cheong fun set

Next, we tried the Chee Cheong Fun + Special Set (S$8.90). You can take your pick between the sweet sauce and curry version. We chose the latter and it came with a 4-piece platter of special items.

good stuff vivo - chee cheong fun closeup

The curry chee cheong fun is slathered with a velvety curry topped with fried shallots, dried shrimp and sesame seeds. The crispy dried shrimp imparted not only a robust umami fragrance to the silky sheets of rice flour but also gave a crumbly textured mouthfeel, complementing the fried shallots.

The curry wasn’t a localised version of our chicken curry but rather a smokey Malaysian-style version which was absolutely delish!

good stuff vivo - closeup of special

The platter came with a piece of fried dumpling and earthy mushroom filled with a generous amount of fish paste.

good stuff vivo - lotus root

I usually have lotus root in soup and it would be cooked till soft. The rendition here was half cooked, preserving a slight crunch that was incredibly addictive to bite into. I also dunked it in the sweet sauce which made it extra delectable.

good stuff vivo - you tiao dipped in chilli

I relished their homemade chilli dip— a perfectly-balanced option for those averse to spice. Dunking the youtiao in it made the experience a perfect 10; the exterior was crispy, giving way to a fluffy interior with each bite.

good stuff vivo - you tiao dipped in chilli

Transitioning to the Vege Delight Set (Soup) at S$7.90, we opted for dry la mian and curry for our ingredients after relishing the phenomenal fish broth earlier. The noodles came adorned with crispy shallots, dried shrimp chilli, and spring onions.

good stuff vivo - hakka noodle tossed

The initial bite packed an intense chilli punch, awakening my taste buds with the fiery spiciness from the dried shrimp, which also imparted subtle smoky undertones.  As I savoured the noodles, I encountered the crispy texture of fried shallots, adding another layer of enjoyment to the dish.

good stuff vivo - cooking of noodles

The la mian was springy and cooked perfectly. Over at Good Stuff!, each noodle type has a precise cooking period following strict SOPs, which ensures that the texture is spot-on every single time.

good stuff vivo - ingredients closeup

Unlike the fried assortment in our earlier Combo Set (Soup), the ingredients in the curry, especially the eggplant, fully absorbed the rich flavours of the broth. Similar to the chee cheong fun, the gravy didn’t disappoint.

good stuff vivo - ingredients closeup

We ended things off with the Tofu Delight Set (Soup) (S$7.90) and opted for Hakka Noodle as our carb of choice. As expected, we chose the curry yet again.

good stuff vivo - noodles

Even though it was my third dish with the curry gravy, each combination had its own unique charm. I thoroughly enjoyed slurping up the noodles which absorbed the tasty broth like a sponge.

good stuff vivo - ingredients in ytf

Although the tau kwa was hefty, it still managed to remain pillowy and soft. The thin, crispy beancurd skin proved to be the perfect vessel to soak up all the curry goodness.

Final thoughts

good stuff vivo - food republic

After a full day of shopping at VivoCity or exploring Sentosa, make your way to Food Republic and indulge in the diverse range of offerings at Good Stuff!

Whether you’re hankering for yong tau foo served with fish soup, curry, or a plate of chee cheong fun, rest assured you’ll find something to satisfy every craving.

Expected damage: S$8 – S$13 per pax

Good Stuff! VivoCity
1 HarbourFront Walk, Food Republic @VivoCity, #03-01, Stall No. 14, Singapore 098585
Opening Hours: 10am – 9pm (Daily)

Good Stuff! Kopitiam Square
10 Sengkang Square, Kopitiam Square, Stall No. 35, Singapore 544829
Opening Hours: 10am – 9pm (Mon to Fri), 9am – 9pm (Sat & Sun)

Good Stuff! NTP+
151 Lorong Chuan, NTP+ Mall, #02-01B, Stall No. MR1, Singapore 556741
Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm (Daily)

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* This post was brought to you in partnership with Good Stuff! VivoCity.

Good Stuff! VivoCity

1 HarbourFront Walk, Food Republic @VivoCity, #03-01, Stall No. 14, Singapore 098585

Good Stuff! VivoCity

1 HarbourFront Walk, Food Republic @VivoCity, #03-01, Stall No. 14, Singapore 098585

Operating Hours: 10am - 9pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 10am - 9pm (Daily)
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