GudSht, Cineleisure: A Festive Spirited Bundle and Christmas cocktails that could make the Grinch smile

It won’t be long before we say our goodbyes to 2021, and it’s time for us to eat, drink, and be merry! Now that we’re allowed to dine-in in groups of five, grab your best friends and celebrate this festive season with GudSht’s Festive Spirited Bundle—an all-encompassing package of food, alcohol, and a whole lotta Christmas cheer.  

What I tried

festive spirited bundle from gudsht

Toast to a brand new year ahead with GudSht’s Festive Spirited Bundle (S$139), which consists of a bottle of Auchentoshan 12 (750ml). This single malt scotch whisky is also triple distilled for an impeccable, smooth flavour. 

festive spirited bundle from gudsht

It’s a magic potion that guarantees a great night out after you take your first sip, and don’t worry, there’s plenty to go around.

festive spirited bundle from gudsht

Of course, what’s a Christmas dinner without something to fill those rumbling stomachs? The Festive Spirited Bundle also includes a variety of small bites, such as Buttered Sweet Corn (S$2.50 a la carte), and a set of ten Classic Skewers (S$25+ a la carte)

food from gudsht

Our personal favourites were the bacon-wrapped cherry tomatoes, Tsukune balls, and the tare-glazed chicken thigh. All of these skewers are grilled to the perfect amount of smokiness, perfect for pairing with your glass of Auchentoshan 12. 

When I say I’m the biggest fan of truffle fries I know, it’s because they’ll never go unordered if I spot them on the menu of wherever I’m dining at. If you’re like me, you’ll be glad to know that the Festive Spirited Bundle comes with a side of Truffled Fries (S$12 a la carte). I can attest that it’s definitely good sh*t—their savoury crispiness perfect for a mid-drink munch.

food from gudsht

I couldn’t really pick one to consider as my favourite dish in the Festive Spirited Bundle, so we’ll have the spotlight shared between the GudSht Pork Belly (S$14 a la carte) and the Beef Croquette (S$10 a la carte).

Indulge in a juicy and tender pork belly crisp to a T, doused in GudSht Magic Sauce, and topped with a wedge of lemon for that extra citrusy zing. It’s savoury, aromatic, and it’s my promise to you that there won’t be any leftovers once everyone at the table has tried their first piece.

fried beef croquette

The last dish in the Festive Spirited Bundle is none other than the Fried Beef Croquette. These little melt-in-your-mouth beef balls are fried and drizzled with a tangy tonkatsu sauce and mayonnaise—we were all beaming like kids on Christmas morning. I wouldn’t mind making a trip back to GudSht just for another plate of these. Maybe even two.

christmas cocktails

The party isn’t over yet; in fact, it’s just started. GudSht’s got three exclusive Christmas-themed cocktails for a celebration so joyous, Santa himself might just attend. If that’s the case, make sure he doesn’t leave without trying Papa Noel’s Negroni (S$15), a sloe gin cocktail.

For a more traditional festive option, the Merry Cinna-nog (S$15) will put you in a holly, jolly mood—what’s a Christmas without eggnog to seal the deal? Speaking of jolly moods, I think even the smallest of sips of the Bacardi-infused Grinch Juice (S$15) would make the mean Mr Grinch smile. These Christmas cocktails are also available in a Jolly Bundle (S$39 for three).

food from gudsht

If you’ve still got space for more feasting after the Festive Spirited Bundle has been polished off, the GudSht Yakiniku Beef Bento (S$20.90) will fill you right up. My mouth’s watering just thinking of that mountain of flamed tenderloin beef cubes topped with aged yakiniku sauce. The karaage is also worthy of a special mention—it’s crispy without being dry, and every bite elicits the oh-so-satisfying crrrunch that demarcates a good karaage.

curry karaage udon

The Curry Karaage Udon (S$11.90) is pretty self-explanatory, but here’s a warning—the spicy level we ordered definitely hit the nail on the head. It’ll light up your tastebuds like the Christmas tree in Times Square, and will score a gold star in the books of all my fellow spice lovers. The springy noodles and crispy karaage will help ease the fire a little, but make sure you’ve got a glass of water nearby before you go to town.

Final thoughts

festive spirited bundle from gudsht

The food at GudSht truly does live up to its name. If you’ve been put in charge of deciding where to eat, the Festive Spirited Bundle and Christmas Cocktails won’t fail. This promotion will last until 1 January 2022, giving you plenty of time to make a second visit if you like it as much as I did. Have yourself the merriest Christmas yet!

Expected damage: S$28 – S$36 per pax

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*This post is brought to you in partnership with GudSht.

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Our Rating 4/5


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