Hi! Joyful 嗨货: A Mala Seafood Feast For Your Eyes and Tummies

Hi Joyful-8

Fresh seafood has always been a favorite of Singaporeans for decades. More recently, many locals have taken a liking to the renowned Szechuan chili punch, better know as mala.

Hi! Joyful combines fresh seafood and various kinds of chili flavors, most notably mala, in huge decadent looking platters starting for 2/3 pax.

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On top of the food, Hi! Joyful incorporates an element of fun into its dining experience. On the third level of the restaurant, there is a stage with a projected behind, allowing diners to take turns singing on stage.

How’s that for a larger scale version of karaoke? There are even some old school game consoles on level two.

Hi Joyful-2

Drinks here are served in interesting looking bottles. We had some fruit juices in light bulb shaped glasses. The juices were a tad sweet, but were still refreshing nonetheless.

Hi Joyful-3

Milk tea here comes in a milk bottle and this may pass off as a little weird to many! We haven’t drunk from a teat for years, no decades. Quite the experience indeed.

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Appetizers here were served in small plates and were very similar to the starters that you would get in a Korean restaurant. Something different and unique here was the mashed sweet potato puree.

Hi Joyful-7

We tried the seafood platter for 2/3 pax ($138.90) and this came packed with prawns, clams and mussels. There was also a lot of ingredients that often accompany a mala dish, namely beancurd skins, black fungus, vegetables, and mushrooms. It was certainly a sight to behold.

Hi Joyful-4

For the premium items in the platter, there was a lobster, a crab, some oysters, scallops and bamboo clams. This added to the grandeur of the huge platter that lay before our eyes.

Hi Joyful-5

The seafood was fresh and went well with the mala base. What we noticed was that the portion may have looked huge at first, but was something that two average eaters would be able to finish. With that, we concluded that prices were tilted towards being steep.

That being said, if you want great seafood, and the experience of feasting from a gigantic platter, look no further as Hi! Joyful will meet your expectations.

Expected damage: $70-80 per pax


Hi! Joyful: 27 Smith St, Singapore 058941 | Opening hours: Daily; 1pm – 1am | Contact: +65 6222 9555 | Facebook