Highest paying jobs in F&B: The sweetest work in Singapore

The F&B industry offers some of the most interesting and rewarding places to work in Singapore. While it doesn’t offer the highest paying jobs around, there are some that can pay very well.

Singaporeans have gone from humble F&B beginnings to establish international careers, with some even becoming celebrities along the way. Of course, that career path requires tons of hard work and no small amount of luck.

Fortunately, many F&B jobs in Singapore don’t require you to have excellent grades and a university degree. Instead, individuals with a passion for food and a people-centric personality already have the basics they need to start.

For those looking for a more conventional career, here are some of the best-paying jobs in the Singapore F&B industry today. Note that while we mention an average salary for each job, some such as Private Chef may offer far more, depending on the client.

Highest paying jobs in F&B in Singapore

Here are the 11 highest paying food industry jobs in Singapore.

1. Executive Chef

Average salary: S$28,700 per month

Highest Paying Jobs - Executive Chef

An Executive Chef may also be called the Chef de Cuisine or Head Chef, depending on the organisation and the management structure. They are responsible for all the culinary operations of a kitchen, as well as the management of the kitchen and its employees. In some roles, they may be responsible for multiple kitchens.

They have one of the highest paying jobs in F&B because of the many years of experience in the kitchen. A typical Executive Chef has proven themself capable of managing other senior chefs, as well as directing the restaurant’s menu.

2. Food Services Manager

Average salary: S$10,000 per month

Highest Paying Jobs - Food Services Manager

A Food Services Manager may also be known as a Food Services Director or Food and Beverage Manager. They oversee the operations and management of a restaurant, cafeteria, hotel or other similar establishments. Their primary role is to ensure the efficient and smooth functioning of all aspects of the food service operation, including food preparation, service, quality control, customer satisfaction, and staff management.

A Food Services Manager typically has extensive experience within the industry and may have attained management qualifications along the way as well. They have one of the highest paying jobs in F&B because of their formidable planning and people management skills.

3. Private Chef

Average salary: S$7,000 per month


A Private Chef works for a single client, be it an individual or a family. This role goes far beyond just meal preparation and involves a much deeper understanding of the client’s unique preferences, dietary restrictions and daily routine. Because of the inherently more intimate nature of the position, Private Chefs are usually employed after a more thorough selection process than with other roles on this list.

Private Chefs have one of the highest paying jobs in F&B because of the extremely high level of personalisation that goes into the planning and execution of each meal. They have to be able to work with and manage other household staff and even travel with the client.

4. Quality and Food Safety Manager

Average salary: S$5,000 per month


A Quality and Food Safety Manager is responsible for ensuring the quality and safety of the food products within a food manufacturing, processing, or distribution facility. They have to ensure that the food itself as well as the processes used comply with the relevant laws, rules and regulations.

They have one of the highest paying jobs in F&B because this is a large-scale food management role. Done correctly, their work ensures that the food produced reaches the consumer safely and in a way that delivers the best possible flavour. If you had an enjoyable meal today, whether it was fresh or pre-prepared, you have a Quality and Food Safety Manager to thank.

5. Sommelier

Average salary: S$4,900 per month


A Sommelier is often described as a “wine expert” but the role is much more nuanced. Much of the training and experience transcends wine selection to include pairing and the service itself. The initial training phase lasts a year but it can take over a decade to reach the level of Master Sommelier.

A Sommelier has one of the highest paying jobs in F&B because it is an extremely specialised role. The extensive training and expertise required just to begin notwithstanding, a sommelier has to constantly familiarise themself with new and trending wines to be able to provide the best recommendations.

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6. Dietitian

Average salary: S$4,200 per month

Highest Paying Jobs - Dietitian

A Dietitian somewhat straddles the twin roles of a healthcare professional and culinary consultant. They develop diets for clients to address and manage specific health issues, for example, high blood pressure and diabetes. A dietitian may consult for individual clients at their own practice or work for an organisation to oversee the dietary needs and nutritional direction.

They have one of the highest paying jobs in F&B because of the inherent complexity of the role. It is not about just creating a list of acceptable dishes but scrutinising individual ingredients for potential allergens and other undesirable elements. A dietitian usually forms a medium- to long-term relationship with the client.

7. Chef Instructor

Average salary: S$4,000 per month

Highest Paying Jobs - Chef Instructor

A Chef Instructor works at a culinary school or institute, providing a formal education to aspiring chefs. As they are expected to teach their class textbook methods, every Chef Instructor is expected to be a consummate professional who has all the basics and many intermediate skills down pat. It is a combination of university lecturer and chef in one person.

They have one of the highest paying jobs in F&B because they shoulder the responsibility of moulding the next generation of superstar chefs. While their in-kitchen knowledge is valuable, it is the inspiration and motivation they imbue in their students that makes the real difference.

8. Restaurant Manager

Average salary: S$3,700 per month

Highest Paying Jobs - Restaurant Manager

A Restaurant Manager is employed to manage the overall day-to-day internal operations of a restaurant while also dictating its external image. This involves setting the budget for staff salaries, inventory, publicity and other expenses.

They have one of the highest paying jobs in F&B because it involves juggling so many different mini roles in one. While the basics such as employee and budget management are expected, they also have to be good at crisis management. It can be particularly stressful in situations, for example, where the restaurant receives negative publicity on social media or when there is a last-minute shortage of staff during busy hours.

9. Sous Chef

Average salary: S$3,600 per month

Highest Paying Jobs - Sous Chef

A Sous Chef is the second-in-command of a kitchen. They work under the Head Chef to manage the smooth operation of the kitchen, ensuring that the detailed tasks allocated to the kitchen staff are executed correctly and performed in a timely manner. It is an essential stop on the career path for an aspiring Executive Chef.

The Sous Chef has one of the highest paying jobs in F&B because they are at the intersection between the overall management and the minute-to-minute operations in the kitchen. That means pressure from above as well as below, which can be a challenge to manage. A good Sous Chef is a master of bandaid solutions to keep everything flowing smoothly.

10. Chocolatier

Average salary: S$3,300 per month

Highest Paying Jobs - Chocolatier

A Chocolatier is a professional who works with chocolate (much like Willy Wonka). They can specialise in simple small treats such as bonbons but may also have the ability and artistic prowess to create chocolate sculptures and displays. A good chocolatier also knows how to pair different ingredients such as nuts, spices and liqueurs with chocolate.

Chocolatiers have one of the highest paying jobs in F&B because an incredible amount of labour-intensive craftsmanship goes into each creation they produce. This role is very technical and involves an intimate understanding of the chemical properties of different types of chocolate. No small amount of engineering considerations go into the creation of the smallest chocolate treats.

11. Pastry Chef

Average salary: S$3,300 per month

Highest Paying Jobs - Pastry Chef

A Pastry Chef specialises in pastries in the same way a Chocolatier specialises in chocolate. In much the same vein, they usually possess an artistic flair. Also helpful is an insight into the public’s preferences and the latest trends that will appeal to consumers.

They have one of the highest paying jobs in F&B because creating unique, delicious renditions of pastries that stand out is incredibly difficult. Add to that the myriad individual ingredients that go into each pastry and their relatively short shelf life and you begin to understand that the role of Pastry Chef is far more demanding than it may initially seem.

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