New in town: House of Malaysia — Penang prawn mee, KL chilli ban mee, Malacca curry laksa & $1 drink promos

Many a debate has been held over which country’s street/hawker food is superior. Before a tussle breaks out between foodies on both sides, what we’re getting at here is that liking both shouldn’t be frowned upon regardless. House of Malaysia, a newly opened eatery at Jalan Sultan‘s Textile Centre, brings quite a few of our neighbour’s dishes to our home turf.

House of Malaysia - Exterior

Funnily enough, the owner is in fact Singaporean. Rest assured that the Malaysian flavours are kept authentic, as they also run a restaurant in JB. The recipes were learned while in Malaysia before the owner decided to open this new eatery back home.

House of Malaysia - Interior

The interior is spacious and decorated with some distractingly bright neon signs that, once deciphered, are the names of dishes served here.

House of Malaysia - Penang Prawn Mee

So what’s different about Penang Prawn Mee (S$5.50)? Their version has sambal directly added to the soup during the cooking process, infusing it with umami savouriness and a strong spice kick (relatively speaking). This is the most common prawn mee version found in Malaysia.

House of Malaysia’s broth is on the sweeter side with a moderate piquancy, perhaps to better cater to our palates.

Chin Choon Prawn Noodle: Cheap Malaysian-style dark sauce prawn noodles loaded with ingredients at Bukit Batok

House of Malaysia - KL Chilli Ban Mian

Among the list of Malaysian dishes is the highly popular KL Signature Chilli Ban Mian (S$5), served with ikan bilis, an egg with a runny yolk, some pork lard and of course the chilli flakes.

House of Malaysia - KL Chilli Ban Mian noodles

Give it a few vigorous tosses with the egg to transform the dish into a darkened shade of red.

House of Malaysia - Pandan Nasi Lemak and Muar Wanton Mee

Other mains worth checking out are the Pandan Nasi Lemak with Chicken Wing (S$4.20), Char Siew Wanton Mee (S$4.50) and Malacca-style Curry Laksa Chicken (S$5), which can also come with Prawns and Cockles at S$8. All noodle dishes have options of yellow noodles, laksa noodlesmee kiabee hoon, kway tiao, or mee poh.

Kaya Butter or Peanut Butter Toast set (S$4.50) are a great pick-me-up on earlier meals of the day as they come with standard coffee and eggs.

House of Malaysia - Drinks collage

Finish your meal with hot Coffee O (S$1.20)Teh O (S$1.20) or cold Milo (S$2), all discounted at S$1 as part of their opening promotions.

Yong Nian Claypot Chicken Rice 永年瓦煲鸡饭: Hidden Malaysia-Style Claypot Rice in Bukit Merah

House of Malaysia

200 Jalan Sultan, Textile Centre, #01-25, Singapore 199018

House of Malaysia

200 Jalan Sultan, Textile Centre, #01-25, Singapore 199018

Telephone: +65 9005 1232
Operating Hours: 9am - 9pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 9005 1232

Operating Hours: 9am - 9pm (Daily)