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Idle Bistro (Dempsey): Singapore Mookata Review

Last Updated: September 30, 2016

Written by Ang Che Wan

“Idyllic space for drinks, dining and Mookata”

Idle restaurant dempsey Situated at the far end of Dempsey hill, Idle separates one from the hustle bustle of our city life with its laid back charms. Originally a bar and lounge selling Western fusion cuisine, Idle has decided to launch a Thai Mookata steamboat set to widen their menu selection.
Idle restaurant dempsey cheesy fries Cheesy Bacon Fries ($9). What can go wrong with a serving of crispy bacon bits, with nacho cheese drizzled over straight cut fries. Idle restaurant dempsey mookata BBQ Steamboat set ($42 for 2 pax). Only available from 7pm onwards (after the peak mosquito hours) at the alfresco area of Idle. The soup base is boiled in chicken bones, cabbage and corn, a light tasting soup with vegetable sweetness. They also do have special homemade chilli sauce to pair with the grilled meat, which I find it rather ordinary. They burnt sawdust charcoal which apparently burns faster to produce stronger heat with less ash production. Although, there was quite a lot of ash fallout when the staff was changing the coals. Idle thai mookata meats The meat platter consists of chicken thigh, pork collar, sausages, squid, prawns, scallops, meat balls and crab stick. The prawns were peeled nicely so we won’t have to dirty our hands while eating it, how thoughtful. The chicken and pork collar was well marinated, more flavorful than how authentic North Thailand Mookata meat selections would be – more suited for our Singaporean palate. The meat grease from grilling eventually gave the soup that extra infusion of meaty flavor, yet not too overpowering to drink. The seafood selection were of great quality and fresh, the scallops especially. Idle restaurant dempsey noodles Decent mix vegetable set with vermicelli, mushrooms, cabbage and so on. IMG_6353 Sirloin Beef Slices ($18). Only available from the ala-carte menu. The meat was tender but there wasn’t much flavor to it. I would rather go for an extra plate of marinated chicken or pork collar. There was not much of a Thai cuisine experience at Idle but instead it is their open air outdoor ambiance, the view of lush greeny while having Mookata that stands out. Overall the service is great, although we were slightly perturbed by the cheesy song list playing – chosen by the guests inside the KTV lounge.


As we were dining outdoors, there was minimal after damage of reeking like barbeque smoke; definitely the least reeking Mookata experience. Indeed, a great weather – with a light evening breeze – makes a whole lot difference to alfresco dining.

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Expected Damage: $30 -$50 per pax

[email protected]: Blk 16a Dempsey Road, Singapore 249679 | Tel: 6479 6188 | Website

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