IKEA Swedish Food Market & Bistro to Re-open On 23 June & 26 June

Online Ikea Singapore

Do you miss gorging on IKEA’s Singapore iconic meatballs and hotdog buns? Here’s some good news for all IKEA fans; you can now satiate those cravings as the Swedish Food Market and Bistro will re-open this week on the 23 June 202026 June 2020 respectively.

Online Ikea Meatballs

Without a doubt, one thing everybody’s hankering after during this period is their iconic Swedish Meatballs. These popular, juicy, and chewy meatballs are now available at the Swedish Food Market for S$16. Heat them up and toss them into your hearty dinner menu and there you have it; an easy and tasty dinner in no time!

Online Ikea Hotdog

Shopping for some furniture and need a quick refuel? You can now have your Hot Dogs (S$1), Springs Rolls (S$5 for five pieces), Chicken Wings (S$8.50 for six pieces) and Curry Puff (S$5 for five pieces) at the Bistro.

These reopenings, however, will have its restrictions so do check their page out for more details. That said, I’m expecting them to be flying off the shelves and selling like hotcakes soon so do be quick and snag them early if you’re visiting or around the vicinity!

Dates & Times: IKEA Swedish Food Market and Bistro re-opening on the 23 June 2020 & 26 June 2020 respectively

Price: From S$1