10 Insane Asian Drinking Games To Try Besides The Usual Beer Pong & King’s Cup

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Let’s face it – Beer Pong and King’s Cup are getting a little mainstream. So in the spirit of novelty, here are 10 insane Asian drinking games from Korea, China & Japan for you to lit-ify your next TGIF.

It’s time we Asians reclaim our title as the real ‘wild ones’!

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In traditional SETHLUI.com fashion, our team took it upon ourselves to test out these Asian drinking games for you. Or rather, any excuse for us to start drinking in broad daylight!

1. Titanic

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Titanic? I honestly can’t think of a better name for this Korean drinking game that’s literally about sinking ships. The set-up is easy; all you need is a tall glass half-filled with beer and a shot glass.

Place the shot glass on top of the ‘ocean’ of beer and just like the Titanic, the idea is to sink it.

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Or rather, NOT to sink it. Players take turns to pour soju into the shot glass, as little or as much as they like. You sink it, you drink.

No cheating here, it has to be at least a visible drop of soju. But of course, you can always pour more to sabo the guy after you!

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The soju + beer bomb is so potent. Actually called somek (소맥), this punishment drink shoots the buzz straight to your head.

Danger Level: 💀💀💀💀

2. Soju Cap Flick

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Don’t throw away the soju bottle just yet, so you can continue with another Korean drinking game. When you twist off the bottle cap, leave the extra strap of metal attached to the cap and twist it out into a straight line.

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How Soju Cap Flick works is everyone takes a turn to flick the metal piece. Hold your breath and pray that the metal piece doesn’t break off when it’s your turn. Whoever breaks it off, drinks.

Danger Level: 💀💀

3. Pocky Game

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This next Japanese drinking game may be your worst nightmare come true. Regardless of how close you are to your pals, the infamous Pocky Game will put you and your friends in uncomfortable scenarios like never before. Sounds fun, right?

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To play, two people put one end of a Pocky stick in their mouths and bite. As they nibble closer to their opponent with every bite, the first one to chicken out and pull back is the loser. Guess what, the loser drinks!

Perhaps the only good news is that if you have crush whom you wanted to get closer to, this game may just be your perfect window of opportunity.

Danger Level: 💀💀💀💀💀

4. Osama Game

Hold your horses, this isn’t a game glorifying the notorious terrorist. But make no mistake, this ‘Osama’ will still create just as much chaos! ‘Osama is actually Japanese for ‘king’ and in every round, one person becomes the ‘Osama who will come up with hilarious antics for the rest to perform.

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The game starts by drawing straws (with your eyes closed), except that this is an Asian game so you’ll be using chopsticks instead. Each chopstick is labelled with a number representing the number of players, with one marked ‘Osama. The rest will keep their numbers a secret.

Whoever draws ‘Osama is king and comes up with commands for the rest to follow. Expect anything from ‘number two must drink’ to ‘number three and number six must kiss’. Depending on how f*cked up your ‘Osama’ is! After the command is done, the chopsticks are collected and redistributed again.

Danger Level: 💀💀💀💀

5. Kiku No Hana

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Kiku No Hana is a little like that magic trick street magicians perform, where they hide a ball under one of three cups and shuffle them around, before asking someone to select the cup they think the ball’s under.

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Translated to ‘chrysanthemum flower’, this Asian drinking game has the same concept but with a chrysanthemum flower (a coin will do) placed under one of several sake cups. The cups are switched around and each person takes a turn to pick a cup. Whoever uncovers the object loses and drinks up.

Here’s the catch, the number of sake cups overturned before the object is found is the number of cups the loser has to drink! If you want to up the drinking stakes, add more sake cups to lower the odds of finding the object.

Danger Level: 💀💀💀

6. Baskin Robbins 31

If you’re lacking the resources for some of the other drinking games, Baskin Robbins 31 is a simple-to-play Korean drinking game that will get you buzzed in seconds. And no, you don’t get any ice cream while playing!

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How it works is every player will take turns counting from one to 31 in order. Each player can choose to say one, two or three numbers, for example, ‘2, 3, 4′ or ’15, 16’. You guessed it, whoever ends up with 31 takes the drink. Sabo away!

Danger Level: 💀💀💀

7. Chui Niu (吹牛) Dice Game

You might remember playing this game in siam dius. Or not, depending on how drunk you were that night. Almost a tradition at bars and KTV joints in China, Chui Niu (吹牛) Dice Game is a crowd favourite for its entertainment value.

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It does take a bit of skill, as the game is essentially ‘bluff’, with booze. Each player starts with a cup and five six-sided dice. During your turn, you shake the dice in your cup and look at the result secretly. You then have to say the total number of dice of a specific figure, such as ‘two threes’ or ‘three ones’.

But as you continue in a circle, each subsequent player must up the figure, meaning you cannot guess ‘threes’ after ‘fives’ have been called. For example, ‘five twos’ cannot be said after ‘four threes’ have been called, but ‘two fives’ can be said after ‘three fours’.

Obviously, the game gets harder with each subsequent player. You’re just going to have to try your luck and hope no one calls you out on your BS. Once someone has called an impossible figure, you can shout “bu xing” (不行) or “not possible”. If the person is caught on his bluff, he drinks. But if he was telling the truth, you drink!

Danger Level: 💀💀💀

8. Shi Wu (十五, Five-Ten)

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Otherwise known as ‘five-tens’, Shi Wu (十五) is the simplest game you can play. It’s essentially finger guessing and is fun to play with more than two players. In each turn, players can choose to hold up zero, five or ten fingers.

At the time of the reveal, the guesser must shout his guess for the total number of fingers — zero, five, ten, fifteen and so on. If you guess right, remove a hand. The last player to remove both hands in the game loses and drinks.

Shi Wu is easy to learn and doesn’t take much skill. To make things more interesting, you can try to use the Chinese numbers when you guess — lingwushishi wu, and er shi.

Danger Level: 💀

9. Pin Pon Pan

How fast is your reaction time when you’re tipsy? I’m guessing not very. Which is precisely the ideal time to play this Japanese drinking game, Pin Pon Pan!

How it works is everyone sits in a circle. Someone starts the game by saying ‘pin’. The person to their left follows by saying ‘pon’, followed by the person to his left who says ‘pan’.

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Once ‘pin, pon, pan’ has been said, the person who said ‘pan’ immediately points to a random person in the circle and the cycle starts again. Any delays or if you’re caught unaware, you drink.

Danger Level: 💀💀

10. Image Game

Warning: This next Korean drinking game may burn a few bridges.

This game works based on votes. One person starts by calling out different affirmatives such as ‘person who is most likely to go to prison’, although the topics usually get a little more R-rated. After counting to three, everyone votes simultaneously by pointing to the person who best fits the description.

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You get the most votes, you drink! But here’s where things get interesting. If you predict that you’ll be the one with the most votes, you can block the votes by putting up an ‘X’. Anyone who voted for you then has to drink. Of course, if you put up an ‘X’ when you aren’t the chosen one, well, the drink’s for you mate!

This game is really fun when played with people who know you personally and aren’t afraid to air your dirty laundry. But keep things light-hearted folks, don’t let this game break out into a bar brawl.

Danger Level: 💀💀💀💀

Which of these games are you going to try at your next drinking party? One thing’s for sure, your night is only going to get crazier with these insane Asian drinking games. So keep your booze handy, and let the games begin!