11 Instagram Bakeries & Online Businesses For All Your Pressing Party Needs

No party or celebration is complete without a medley of tantalising treats.

Nowadays, social media presence is key to building a solid customer base. Instagram and Facebook are excellent platforms for bakeries and small businesses to flaunt their wares, coupled with aesthetically pleasing photos and a million hashtags in tow.

Looking for party treats of the wacky, elegant or healthy variety? Here are a few local online businesses you might want to check out.

1. Whisked

You’ve probably chanced upon some of Whisked‘s customised buttercream creations on Instagram.

Did you know that the young owner started the business in end-2017 without any prior baking or decorating experience? Look how far they’ve come.

Unleash your artistic prowess as you design the cake of your wildest dreams, one that’ll taste AND look good.

Money Cake Whisked Singapore
Credit – Whisked SG

The ostentatious Money Pulling Cake has been making its rounds on social media. It’s guaranteed to put smiles on everyone’s faces (and draw curious stares from onlookers) at the next big family gathering.

Single tier and two-tier money pulling cakes are minimally 6″ tall (10 – 12 pax) and 8″ by 6″ tall (55 – 65 pax) respectively.

Alcohol Cake Whisked Singapore
Credit – Whisked SG

Alcohol and 21st birthday parties go hand in hand.

Congrats, you’re of “legal” drinking age, so why not commemorate it with Absolut Vodka atop a chocolate sponge and Oreo-infused buttercream cake?

Bubble Tea Cake Whisked Singapore
Credit – Whisked SG

Declare your undying love for KOI or LiHo (whichever brand you fancy, really) milk tea with the ultimate bubble tea cake.

How to order: Whatsapp +65 9278 6398 or e-mail [email protected] | Refer to their official website for details

Whisked: Blk 5 Everton Park, #01-22, Singapore 080005 (appointment only) | Tel: +65 9278 6398 | Website | Facebook | Instagram 

2. Dee_Bakes

At first, owner and avid home baker Adeline regularly documented her bakes on Instagram.

Dee_Bakes evolved into a business when requests to bake for birthdays and other special occasions started rolling in.

Dee Bakes Brownies
Credit – DeeBakes

Stuffed Brownies (from S$3.50 per piece) are her signature. How could anyone pass on Red Velvet Oreo Cheesecake Brownies with Nutella filling and Butterscotch Brownies with Speculoos

Adeline frequently conducts bake sales on her social media platforms. You’ve got to be quick if you want to snag some maple bacon cupcakes and the like.

Dee Bakes Number Cake
Credit – DeeBakes

Celebrate age milestones with a Number or Letter Cake. They are adorned with fruits and florals, and exude a certain elegance, like this rustic carrot cake with hints of orange & cinnamon.

Dee Bakes Cake
Credit – DeeBakes

Customised cakes (from S$60 for 6″) are also available. This stunning Earl Grey Lavender Cake with an earl grey pastry cream filling is worthy of a spot on any self-respecting dessert table.

How to order: DM (direct message) @dee_bakes on Instagram or Facebook 

DeeBakes: Email: [email protected] | Facebook Instagram 

3. Lush Platters

The Australian “grazing” trend was first introduced in Singapore by boutique business Lush Platters. Premium fresh produce, artisan cheese, charcuterie, and various accompaniments are used for their grazing platters and tables.

Lush Platters’ iconic cheese and charcuterie platters are hallmarks of their creative food styling and meticulous attention to detail.

Lush Platters Singapore 2

Choose from Lush Wooden Signature Boards (S$458 for 15 pax), Platter Boxes (S$88 for small), and Palm Leaf Platters (S$98 for small), all of which are eco-friendly and/or eco-disposable. You can expect platters to be decked out with artisan cheeses, charcuterie, freshly baked bread, dips, gourmet crackers, nuts, chocolate, fruit, olives, vine tomatoes, quince paste, and herbs. Wow.

Opt for kid-friendly, meat-free, gluten-free, vegan, halal meat, non-pork, or specific cheese options if need be. Customisation is key.

Lush Platters Singapore 1

Grazing platters make for spectacular birthday celebrations, weddings, social gatherings, and functions. These works of art are bound to captivate and enthral – catering is truly taken to a whole new level.

Both Flat Lay (from S$1200) and Layered (from S$1600) grazing tables are available, and you can even amp up the drama with a Cheese Wheel Cake!

Lush Platters Singapore 3

But that’s not all. Fruit Platters, Crudite Platters, Cheese & Honeycomb Boxes, Sandwich Platters, and even a Bagel Bar are also included in Lush Platters’ repertoire. Feel free to enquire about bar set up and styling, fresh cold press juices, organic wines, finger food, and other dessert arrangements.

How to order: Fill in the order form on their official website 

Lush Platters: 338 Changi Road, Mera East Condo, Telok Kurau, #01-08, Singapore 419977 (collection only) | Tel: +65 8500 2905 | Website | Facebook | Instagram 

4. Nomad’s Soirée

Nomad’s Soiree is Singapore’s first Halal artisan cheese and grazing platter business. Their cheeseboxes and cheeseboards are thoughtfully crafted with 100% halal ingredients, featuring a balanced mix of sweet and savoury nibbles.

Nomads Soiree Cheese Box 2

Although they only offer the Nomad’s Signature Box (S$75/S$150) and Nomad’s Soiree Signature Board (S$350) with a meat-free option as the only alternative, every platter is unique in its own way.

Nomads Soiree Cheese Box 1

You can expect soft and hard cheeses with varying strength levels, fresh fruits, crackers, pretzels, and bread. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by a random assortment of sweet treats, like handmade Turkish Delights, nougat, chocolate squares or Crack Pie Truffles.

Nomads Soiree Cheese Box 3

Don’t miss out on Nomad’s Soiree’s signature dips, Smokey Himalayan Pink Salted Caramel and Garlic Saffron Hummus with White Truffle Oil Drizzle. It’ll be a feast for all the senses.

Personalised event services are available, so drop them an email if you’d like a luscious grazing table with all the works.

How to order: Fill in the order form here or email them at [email protected] for enquiries

Nomad’s Soiree: Facebook | Instagram 

5. Folks and Stories

Cookies with personalities? You’ll find them at baked goods company and creative studio Folks and Stories. Their rustic yet inventive approach to baking, along with an added emphasis on personalisation and gifting, makes them one-of-a-kind.

Folks And Stories Singapore 1

Folks and Stories first broke into the local baking scene with cookies of novel and familiar flavour profiles. They draw inspiration from the people around them.

Customers can even design their own cookie profiles and curate personalised gift sets with heartfelt messages. Wedding and party favours are especially popular.

Folks And Stories Singapore 3

The top 4 most popular flavours are (from top left, clockwise): Salt Of The Earth (salted milk & dark chocolate), Ambitious Sailor (sea salt dark chocolate), Cheesy Joker (brown butter cheesecake) and Curious Merrymaker (cream cheese dark chocolate). All regular cookies retail at S$3.50 per cookie.

Seasonal flavours retail at S$3.90 onwards per cookie.

Folks And Stories Singapore 2

Teacakes (S$3.90) and S$3 Konuts (kinako donuts) are also available but in limited quantities. They often make an appearance in monthly Gift Sets.

How to order: Order via their official website

Folks and Stories: Blk 163 Stirling Rd, #01-1238, Singapore 140163 (studio walk-in) | Tel: +65 8282 7375 | Website | Facebook | Instagram 

6. Fusspot & Foodie

Stressed out over your kid’s birthday party? You’re in good hands!

Fusspot & Foodie is Singapore’s first kid-centric catering business, specialising in a range of healthy, age-appropriate party snacks.

They hope to banish unhealthy junk food from kids’ parties by offering food prepared from scratch with the freshest ingredients. No artificial colouring, flavour enhancers, additives, or artificial preservatives are used.

Fusspot And Foodies Singapore 3
Credit – Fusspot & Foodie

Their Custom Menus cater to both kids and adults. Menu prices fall between S$13 – S$16 per child and S$20 – S$32 per adult. Don’t forget the best part: choosing a fun party theme.

They offer self-service set-ups and complimentary table styling for events with a minimum number of guests, inclusive of eco-friendly serving ware.

For smaller group events and gathering, opt for the hassle-free Delivery Menu.

Fusspot And Foodies Singapore 2
Credit – Fusspot & Foodie

Baked Chicken Tenders, Vegan Parmesan Popcorn, and Mac & Cheese Cups (with pumpkin and cauliflower hidden within) are just some of their more popular kids’ menu items.

Grown-ups can tuck into Lamb & Mint Sliders, Crostini Platters, and Israeli Couscous Salad, just to name a few.

Fusspot And Foodies Singapore 1
Credit – Fusspot & Foodie

Fusspot & Foodie promises wholesome and tasty party food for young and old alike. Who says healthy eating has to be a chore?

How to order: Email [email protected] or order individual products via their official website

Fusspot & Foodie: Shop #B1-36, Promenade @ Pelikat, Singapore 537643 | Tel: +65 8444 1183| Website | Facebook | Instagram 

7. Sistersfield

For some, social gatherings wouldn’t be complete without a loaf (or two) of freshly baked bread. Sistersfield offers natural baked goods that are free from additives, preservatives or artificial flavouring.

Sistersfield Marbled Blue Pea Sourdough
Credit – Sistersfield

Ordering is not the most fuss-free process, as their products are handmade in small batches and sold during regular bake sales.

You’d want to keep a lookout for their 100% naturally leavened sourdough. Pepper Cheese Sourdough (S$12) and Roasted Garlic Sourdough (S$12) are just a few of the various iterations they bring out.

Don’t miss out on the gorgeous Marbled Blue Pea Sesame Sourdough (S$13), a signature.

Sistersfield Mochi Bagels
Credit – Sistersfield

Why not plan a bagel extravaganza with some Special Mochi Bagels (S$3.50 each)? Stick to the classic Garlic Butter and Cinnamon Raisins, or go all out with flavours like Matcha Azuki, Chocolate Charcoal, Maple Pecan, and Candied Lemon Chocolate.

Sistersfield’s bake sales are announced on both Facebook and Instagram on a weekly (or biweekly) basis.

How to order: DM @sistersfield, Whatsapp +65 9858 3066, or email [email protected]

Sistersfield: Website Facebook | Instagram 

8. The Clean Addicts

Health-conscious folk and clean eaters out there, we haven’t forgotten about you.

The Clean Addicts is a wholefoods bakery that specialises in nutrient-dense cakes and treats made with natural ingredients like beans, oats, nuts and sweet potatoes. 

The founder and certified Raw Food Chef, Andrea, had trouble finding healthier alternatives to conventional cakes for her mother, who suffered from heart disease. After much experimentation and R&D, Andrea’s determination paid off, yielding wholesome yet irresistible guilt-free cakes for all to enjoy.

Their baked goods do not contain animal products, refined sugars, or artificial colourings and flavourings.

The Clean Addicts Flourless Cacao Fudge Cake
Credit – The Clean Addicts

High in macro-nutrients like protein and fibre, and low in sugar content, the bestselling gluten-free and vegan Flourless Cacao Wholefoods Fudge Cake (S$79 for 6″) will satisfy your chocolate cravings in a healthy way.

The Clean Addicts Raw Vegan Cheesecake
Credit – The Clean Addicts

This diabetic-friendly Raw Vegan “Cheesecake” (S$58) is Andrea’s speciality. Choose between two pretty pastel creations: Citrus Antioxidant (fresh lemon and organic butterfly pea flower) or Rosewater Swirl (natural rose water and beetroot).

The cheesecake is sweetened naturally with dates and organic Stevia, and cashews are soaked for twelve hours as an alternative to cream cheese.

The Clean Addicts Bliss Cookies
Credit – The Clean Addicts

Don’t feel guilty for snacking on these Matcha Bliss Vegan Cookies, paired with either Black Sesame (S$20.80 per 120g bag) or Peanut Butter (S$19.80 per 120g bag).

These vegan cookies contain organic wholemeal flour and unrefined cane sugar, serving to accentuate the lovely fragrance of matcha.

Indeed, clean eating can be addictive, great for the body and beneficial to the planet.

How to order: Order via their official website

The Clean Addicts: 1 Seletar Road, Singapore 807011 (pick-up only) | Website | Facebook | Instagram 

9. Elijah Pies

“Desserts bring people together and are best enjoyed together”. That is the rhetoric of Elijah Pies and their artisan dessert pies.

Harbouring a desire to satisfy his girlfriend’s sweet tooth, owner Elijah experimented with various recipes, before coming up with the original Nutella Pie.

Elijah Pies Nutella Pie
Credit – Elijah Pies

The Signature Nutella Pie (S$45) is the very first flavour on the menu ever since Elijah Pies started five years ago.

Elijah Pies Raspberry Ripple Wild Berry Lavender
Credit – Elijah Pies

Seek out all things aesthetic with the popular Wild Berry Lavender Pie (S$52), a concoction of real berries and fresh yoghurt infused with a subtle hint of lavender.

Another creation that’s bound to end up on your Instagram feed is the Raspberry Ripple Pie (S$52), with roasted pistachios, and swirls of raspberry compote and cream cheese on a buttery biscuit crust.

Elijah Pies Mini Tarts
Credit – Elijah Pies

Their most recent launch, the Mini Pies Series (S$29.90), features 9 original flavours carefully created from scratch, like Passionfruit Pudding, Matcha Avocado, and Coconut Marscapone. Get your hands on these bite-sized beauties – they come highly recommended.

Elijah Pies also aspires towards creating more shared experiences for the community by hosting baking workshops and curating dessert tables for celebratory occasions.

How to order: Order via this order form

Elijah Pies: 463 Crawford Lane, #02-21, Singapore 190463 | Tel: +65 9827 9974 | Email: [email protected]Website | Facebook | Instagram 

10. The Better Half

Run by two passionate individuals (who happen to be each other’s better half), The Better Half thrives on simplicity and consistency.

Jonathan bakes with 100% honest and pure ingredients, while barista-artist Hweeying handles the creative aspects of the business. Building on the idea of baked goods and coffee as the perfect complement, they look forward to running a bakery coffeehouse one day.

Their rustic baked goods with lush, subtle flavours are reminiscent of garden parties and countryside picnics.

The Better Half Gula Melaka Avocado Cake online

Molasses and vanilla-infused Gula Melaka sponge is paired with creamy avocado and Gula Melaka buttercream in the Gula Melaka Avocado (S$60/S$70 for 6″ with layers).

The Better Half Lavender Honey Carrot Walnut Cake online

Here are two classics, the fall-inspired Carrot Walnut (S$75 for 9″ bundt, S$45 for loaf, S$50 onwards for 6″ and above) and Lavender Honey (S$44 for 6″/S$66 for 9″).

The Better Half Assorted Teacakes online

If you’re planning to indulge in a spot of afternoon tea, you ought to try some of their beloved Pistachio Lemon Tea Cakes (S$48/6 pcs) and Chamomile Honey Tea Cakes (S$33/6pcs).

Otherwise, other tea cake flavours are available, such as Vanilla Salted Caramel, Coconut Passionfruit and Pear Crumble (S$39/6pcs).

The “Build Your Cake” option grants you the creative freedom to fully customise your desired cake.

How to order: Order via their order form or create a custom cake here

The Better Half: Email: [email protected]Website | Facebook | Instagram 

11. The Chubby Chef (Alan Goh/Travelling Foodies)

Alan Goh of @alan_travellingfoodies, otherwise known as The Chubby Chef,  offers a breathtaking range of traditional Peranakan, Malay, and Chinese kueh, some of which are gradually disappearing from modern-day palates.

Although he adheres closely to traditional kueh preparation methods to preserve authenticity, Alan also strives to make his kueh appeal to the younger generation, in the hopes that kueh culture will remain relevant and alive.

Alan Travelling Foodies Chubby Chef Kueh Online 1 Min

The eye-catching and Instagram-worthy Rainbow Kueh Koo Merah (S$150 for 30pcs min.) is a treat for any occasion, whether it be a #pride party, birthday celebration or chill social gathering.

Alan Travelling Foodies Chubby Chef Kueh Online 2 Min

Now you can really taste the entire rainbow spectrum with the Lapis Sagu Rainbow (S$48 for 36-38 pcs), a fun take on the traditional tri-coloured layered kueh. Feel free to customise your own colour scheme.

Boxes of Assorted Kuehs are also available. The leftmost box contains Bika Ambon, Abok Abok Sagu, Kueh Chara Pandan and Lapis Sagu Rainbow.

Alan Travelling Foodies Chubby Chef Kueh Online 3 Min

Other traditional favourites that are likely to appease your Peranakan grandmother include Pulot Enti (S$48 for 30pcs), Kueh Salat Durian (S$72 for 32pcs), Kueh Salat Pandan (S$45 for 32pcs) and even Steamed Sakura Ebi Taro Kueh.

How to order: DM (direct message) @alan_travellingfoodies on Instagram 

The Chubby Chef: WebsiteInstagram 

One cannot deny that up-and-coming online bakeries and businesses are making waves in the industry. You’re sure to find something that’ll fulfil all your catering needs.

Time to get this party started!

Note: Order from online businesses at your own personal discretion.