Photojournalists & Editors Needed for Singapore Food Publication

We are always looking for great food writers.

If you can write concisely, take good photos and have an eye for the next viral article, we want you. Full time.

Who are you looking for?

We want people who are passionate about food, nightlife and travel, and are able to express their thoughts on paper well. Good photography is always a requirement, so you can tell a visual story along with words.

You will need to really enjoy going to events, talking to people, being proactive and always be improving.

As a food writer for, you are a curator of good food and need an eye for the next latest big trend.  Can you tell the latest raclette cheese trend from last year’s liu sha bao trend, or suss out the hidden local food gems no one has heard of?

If you have no prior writing/journalism experience, you might be more suited to start as an intern, then work your way to conversion.

What kind of qualifications do I need?

A clear writing style that is easily understood by mass readers.

An eye for detail to portray accurate information with grammatically correct sentences.

Good photographic eye.

Creativity to think of eye-catching headlines.

What does writing for this site entail?

Full time Writers/Editors/Interns will entail attending events and tastings when not in the office, creating headlines and articles, publishing the latest trends. If you’re good enough, you’ll also manage other writers as an editor.

We are looking for content about food, nightlife and travel reviews and listicles that are detailed, informative and have good potential to go viral.

You need to be familiar with food trends and hidden gems.

If you are more familiar with fashion, activities and lifestyle trends, do apply for an internship at our sister site

Learn more about what positions are available from our Careers Page