Ippudo welcomes Spring with a few surprises, from now till 31 May 2023

We all know and love Ippudo, with it being a common name in Singapore for delicious ramen. Now, Ippudo welcomes back Spring with multiple presents — an exclusive Spring menu, a new Chef’s Special Ramen, the return of the Hakata Nikusoba Tonkotsu V2.0 as well as a new outlet at Sengkang Grand Mall.

Ippudo — Sakura Menu
Credit – Ippudo

The exclusive Spring menu will appeal to those who let their mobile phones eat first. Coming with the Torotoro No Umeshu (S$8 per glass) and Ohanami Sakura Umegaemochi (S$6), each set-up is rather stunning. Torotoro No Umeshu is a flavourful plum wine, said to be mellow and having a sweet yet refreshing taste, just like peaches.

Ohanami Sakura Umegaemochi is a popular speciality in Fukuoka, being a rice cake filled with a filling of red azuki beans. This dessert even comes with a hot sakura green tea that is infused with a sakura flower, for both you and your eyes to enjoy. Do note that these items are extremely exclusive from 31 Mar to 31 May 2023, only at Ippudo Tanjong Pagar, which will be adorned with pretty sakura decor.

Ippudo — Yakiago Dashi JAPAN
Credit – Ippudo

We all love new items, and the same applies for the Spring Chef Special, Yakiago Dashi JAPAN (S$18.85). With broth made of dried agodashi flying fish, this ramen presents itself with a complex yet delicate flavour. Many will be intrigued by Yakiago Dashi JAPAN, considering its unique toppings of daikon radish, Japanese white ginger, chicken cha and diced red onions.

Ippudo — Hakata Nikusoba Tonkotsu
Credit – Ippudo

Many folks have requested for the famed Hakata Nikusoba Tonkotsu (S$21.85) to be back, and Ippudo has listened! This time, they have made this version better than ever, with more toppings along with a special ingredient for a richer broth.

The improved Hakata Nikusoba Tonkotsu comes with an addition of yuzu pulp, giving the ramen a refreshing acidic kick. Each bowl will also come with a bigger load of the classic ingredients like pork belly and bamboo shoots. This ramen will be available from 11 Apr to 31 May 2023, at all outlets except for Marina Bay Sands, Mandarin Gallery and Mohamed Sultan.

Chope Deals
Ippudo — Sengkang outlet
Credit – Ippudo

Along with a new outlet in Sengkang Grand Mall, Ippudo is out to give everyone a good Sakura season right here in Singapore. Be sure to not miss out on what Ippudo has to offer!

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