I SEE i SEE Singapore: Instagram-worthy Colorful Popsicles From Hongkong

Frozen sophistication in 313 Somerset.

i see i see singapore popsicle 313 somerset-9573

Having just hit our shores, I SEE i SEE brings in boutique popsicles from Hong Kong. Curious, I decided to pop by the opening with the team for a dose of these frozen delights.

i see i see singapore 313-9578

Located in Somerset 313’s basement 3, I SEE i SEE is a quaint and bubbly kiosk that you won’t ever miss. The rows of popsicles stocked are a glistening beauty, with a myriad of colours ranging from pastel pink to green to yellow and many more.

No preservatives or colorings are added, while real fruits are used to create this highly picturesque popsicle.

i see i see singapore popsicle 313-9583

What particularly caught my eye was the durian popsicle ($7.90). I had to try it since I’m really an avid fan of durian. Other than the durian, we bought the strawberry hokkaido milk ($6.90) and kiwi popsicle ($5.90).

If you’re sharing flavours amongst friends, do eat the durian flavour last as the King of Fruits would completely overwhelm the other lesser fruits.

i see i see singapore 313-9581

The kiwi popsicle is exceptionally refreshing, packing a good tang and zest- probably everyone’s 2nd choice after the Durian flavour.

The strawberry hokkaido milk is creamy and sweet yet remaining mild at the same time.

I SEE i SEE’s durian flavour though, packs an instant punch; creamy. thick and exceedingly rich in pungent flavour.

i see i see singapore popsicle 313-9590

I’d definitely recommend the durian popsicle, or I’m just biased really. While these novelty popsicles from I SEE i SEE are really delectable (and instagram worthy), it can get a little steep for a daily treat.

Expected damage: $5.90 – $7.90 per pax

I SEE i SEE Singapore:  313 Orchard Rd, 313 Somerset, #B3-46, Singapore 238895 | Tel: 6509 6608 | Facebook