Itacho Sushi: 30% off Hokkaido Scallop Festival at all outlets – Enjoy jumbo scallop sashimi, sushi, chawanmushi & hot dishes

The sea offers a bounty of culinary treasures and in particular, I enjoy having scallops because of its natural sweetness and buttery flavours. Starting 4 March 2024, all Itacho Sushi outlets in Singapore will launch an exclusive Hokkaido Scallop Festival, offering a 30% discount. That’s music to my ears— I can stuff myself as much as I want!

Itacho Sushi - front entrance

During my time in Hokkaido, I experienced the impeccable seafood and I now miss it to bits. With 7 outlets across Singapore, and their upcoming 15th anniversary in Jul 2024, I’m confident that I’ll relive that same experience at Itacho Sushi.

Itacho Sushi - dealing with scallops

The scallops, shipped directly from Japan’s northernmost region to the restaurant, promise satisfaction with every bite— whether served fresh for sashimi and sushi, aburi-style, or simply pan-fried with butter and seasonings.

What I tried at Itacho Sushi

I’ve always believed that sashimi serves as the perfect gauge for seafood freshness, as there are no distractions like rice or other ingredients, just good ol’ shoyu and wasabi. This allows you to truly appreciate the quality of the produce.

Itacho Sushi - scallop sashimi

The Scallop Sashimi (S$9.90, U.P S$14.20) came in 6 pieces while the Jumbo Scallop Sashimi (S$13.90, U.P S$19.80) had 4 large succulent chunks. The addition of gold leaf paper atop made it look extra bougie.

Itacho Sushi - citrus spritz

Itacho Sushi - scallop dipped in shoyu

After giving the gleaming white scallops a new burst of life with a citrus spritz, I dipped them in the quintessential shoyuwasabi combo. The fresh flesh was firm and its natural sweetness was enhanced by the tangy lime. Then came the hit of spice together with the savouriness of the soya sauce; I only had 1 word to describe it… ‘perfecto’!

Itacho Sushi - scallop sushi range

Itacho Sushi - scallop sushi making

I decided to give the range of scallop sushi a go, which are available for à la carte order. I started off with the Roasted Scallop w/ Cod Fish Caviar Sushi and Scallop w/ Spicy Cod Fish Caviar Sauce Sushi (both at S$3.70, U.P S$5.30). The scallops are meticulously butterflied before the chef kneads rice and transforms them into beautifully-crafted sushi.

Itacho Sushi - scallop flame-torched

Armed with a flame torch, the chef begins searing the surface of the scallop. Next, both types of cod fish caviar are delicately piped on top before undergoing a final grilling with a blue flame to complete the dish.

Itacho Sushi - scallop spicy cod roe

The Roasted Scallop w/ Cod Fish Caviar Sushi tasted like a tasty and smoked mentaiko but the showstopper was the Scallop w/ Spicy Cod Fish Caviar Sauce Sushi. Besides delivering tangy notes, it had an intense spiciness which didn’t burn my tongue but instead, took me to paradise and back— amazing!

Itacho Sushi - scallop sushi

The Scallop w/ Black Truffle Sushi (S$3.70, U.P S$5.30) had a robust earthiness while the Roasted Scallop Sushi (S$3.50, U.P S$5) had bits of minced garlic that delivered a gentle pungent aroma.

Itacho Tonkatsu: 10 varieties of tonkatsu sets from $13.80 with complimentary Hokkaido scallop sashimi

Itacho Sushi - 3 kinds

We also savoured the 3 Kinds Scallop Sushi Set (S$5.80, U.P S$8.20). The adorable trio were topped with cheese tobiko mousse garnished with a single corn kernel, black truffle paste and lobster salad with avocado.

Itacho Sushi - baked scallop

We then moved on to the cooked items, starting with the Baked Scallop Spicy Salmon Mayo Egg w/ Rice (S$8.40, U.P S$12). A layer of creamy spicy salmon mayo is slathered on top of Japanese rice before slices of flash-fried scallops are arranged on top.

Itacho Sushi - salamander

It is then finished off with an egg yolk in the centre before going under a salamander grill which transmits heat from the top.

Itacho Sushi - salamander product

Itacho Sushi - rice closeup

The result? A beautifully grilled golden-brown dish that resembles a mini casserole. The top part of the yolk was cooked due to the heat but I poked the centre, and out came a luscious stream of golden goodness, like unlocking a secret treasure chest of flavour!

The spicy salmon mayo was decadent and harmonised with the rice effortlessly. It was a match made in culinary heaven when I combined it with the egg yolk and scallop in 1 single spoonful.

itacho sushi - chawanmushi closeup

The Steamed Egg with Scallop (S$4.80, U.P S$6.80) is a melt-in-your-mouth chawanmushi adorned with bits of salmon roe. Each bite brings a subtle, audible pop, revealing sweet and salty notes that dance in harmony with the cooked scallops. Delve deeper, and the earthy essence of shiitake mushrooms adds yet another layer of flavour.

Itacho Sushi - butter rice

Itacho Sushi - butter rice closeup

We ended things off with the Grilled Scallop w/ Butter Mini Rice w/ Tenkasu (S$9.70, U.P S$13.80). Japanese rice drizzled with butter shoyu sauce rests beneath before bits of tenkasu (tempura crumbs) are added on top. It is then finished off with grilled scallops, strips of seaweed, chilli padi and spring onions.

Itacho Sushi - butter rice closeup in spoon

Each spoonful of rice boasted addictive crunchiness from the tenkasu, forming the perfect vessel to accompany the delectable scallops. Mini waves of heat from the bits of chilli padi added an extra kick, while the seaweed and spring onions tied all the flavours together.

Final thoughts

Itacho Sushi - overview

So what are you waiting for? Dive headfirst into scallop paradise at Itacho Sushi, where a variety of dishes awaits you. From pan-seared to sashimi, every dish is meticulously crafted with different elements to unlock the full potential of this delectable delicacy.

Race to any of the 7 Itacho Sushi outlets islandwide and seize the moment at the Hokkaido Scallop Festival before it vanishes into thin air (while stocks last)!

To see what promotions Itacho Sushi is currently offering, click here.

Expected damage: S$18 – S$25 per pax

Itacho Sushi (ION Orchard)

Itacho Sushi (Bugis Junction)

Itacho Sushi (Tampines Mall)

Itacho Sushi (Bedok Mall)

Itacho Sushi (The Star Vista)

Itacho Sushi (Jewel Changi Airport)

Itacho Sushi (Novena Square 2)

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