Take Convenience To Another Level With Japan’s New Twin Chef Curry Rice Cooker Avail For Purchase Online Now

As much as one would like to have some comforting home-cooked food, there lies the hassle of actually preparing the dishes. Even cooking up curry and rice does take time and effort, so how about an all-in-one solution?

Curry Rice Cooker Online 2

Look no further with this ingenious cooking machine, the Twin Chef. Created by Japan’s Oak Lawn Marketing, this item is available online for a hefty price, costing JPY19,800 (~S$247).

Curry Rice Cooker Online 3

Do not underestimate this gadget by its looks, however, as it has the ability to cook four things at once, which will definitely blow your socks off. With two pots, there are 10 preset cooking modes that you have control over, from temperature to cooking time, and also nimono (Japanese-style stewed meats and vegetables), soup, cakes, and even home-made yoghurt!

Curry Rice Cooker Online 4

How does this masterpiece cook four things simultaneously at once, you may ask? The two compartments have space to insert a steamer tray, which will definitely prepare for you a wholesome meal.

The inner pan, lid, as well as the plates that can be used to steam food, are fuss-free when it comes to cleaning. In fact, it is dishwasher-friendly.

Snag this futuristic household appliance to cook up a homely feast now!

Dates & Times: Available online now at Shop Japan

Price: From JPY19,800 onwards